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WhatsApp undoubtedly is the most used and most comfy app for users across the globe. Total WhatsApp users exceed the 2 billion mark and are rising. The end-to-end encryption, live location sharing, group calls feature, and many other user-friendly features have led WhatsApp to earn the trust of many companies all over the globe as it keeps their data confidential and safe. So, let’s commence with today’s tutorial blog which is: What is WhatsApp Business API? Integration for Ecommerce Platforms.

The prime reason why you should use WhatsApp for business is that users are already comfortable using WhatsApp messaging for communicating with their friends and family. Now, customers can have the opportunity to communicate with their best-loved brands. As most E-commerce firms have a very narrow connection with their clients, it becomes prominent to make online communication with customers easy, jiffy, and strong. All of it is possible with the WhatsApp platform. Also, get a look at our other associated blog from here.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

Every business be it big or small can convert their WhatsApp into WhatsApp business API. When your WhatsApp is integrated with the WhatsApp business, you can easily stay connected to your customers and also increase your brand awareness amongst a wide range of people.

Let’s look at the ways in which E-commerce platforms can leverage the WhatsApp Business API.

How to Integrate your E-commerce Platform with WhatsApp Business API?

Create your WhatsApp business profile in just 3 steps as stated below:

  • Sign-up with your business contact number.
  • Navigate to Settings → Business Settings → Profile. Now, enter your business hours, link to your website, short description about your business, your whereabouts, and others.
  • Once your account is verified by WhatsApp, you’re ready to roll!

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With the integration of WhatsApp business profile, brands can directly connect with their customers and can increase the eventual growth of the brand by reaching global customers too.

Perks of Integrating WhatsApp Business API for E-commerce Platforms

Standardized Interaction with Customers

Brands can effortlessly arrange all their chats with customers. As there are folders to arrange emails, similarly all the conversations with customers can be categorized as per their labels in WhatsApp Business E-commerce Integration. With the feature of labeling conversations, businesses can rapidly find out information about particular conversations. Moreover, they can also create a broadcast list to send particular information to a group of people.

Businesses can create label categories for different types of customers. Businesses can also track each customer’s communication. With the help of the search feature, businesses can easily search for a particular keyword and can find out the entire message in case of urgency.

Instant Analytics

Now, merchants can effortlessly track the performance of their communication with customers in the past and can analyze and plan accordingly in the future. Businesses can also get instantaneous accessibility to various customer’s information via the last seen feature, the message read status, and whether messages are being delivered to them or not. 

Bilateral Communication with Customers

With the integration of WhatsApp Business API, the customers can also send you messages in case they have any doubts. They can contact you regarding confirmation of their hotel reservation or a new boarding pass can be issued after a flight change. 

Interactive Media Attachments

The WhatsApp Business Integration enables the store owner to send customers information in 7 different formats which are Audio, Video, Documents, Images, Location, Contact sharing, and Text. you can also share location which will help the user track the order delivery.

Quick Replies and Automated Messages

With the use of the quick reply functionality, you can save several frequently used answers and send them out to customers directly. This saves time. Also, you can easily automatize messages. For example, greeting at the start of the conversation. Even in the non-business hours, respond to their messages and let them know the time you can respond back.

Get Your Custom WhatsApp Business API:

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Bottom Line!

So, that was all about WhatsApp Business API and how you can integrate it into an E-commerce store. The WhatsApp API also comes with several features as stated above!

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