Every modern business nowadays uses content marketing to a great extent. No matter what the business size is, no one’s marketing strategy is complete without content marketing. Content marketing has become the best source for increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers.

Content seeding is one type of content marketing in which brands plant their business saplings across various online platforms and websites by partnering with other brands and influencers to increase brand awareness and get more traffic from different channels. Continue reading to learn more about content seeding and how it will help you gain more traffic quickly.

What is Content Seeding?

Content seeding is a marketing strategy that involves distributing or “seeding” content to a network of influencers, bloggers, and other media outlets to create buzz and generate interest in a brand or product. Content seeding aims to increase the reach of a brand’s message by leveraging the audiences of others who are influential in their respective niches.

The process of content seeding typically involves creating high-quality content such as blog posts, infographics, videos, or social media posts that are relevant and valuable to the target audience. This content is then shared with a network of influencers or media outlets who are likely to share the content with their own followers, amplifying the reach of the brand’s message.

Content seeding can be an effective way to build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive traffic to a website. It can also help establish a brand as an authority in its industry and create long-term relationships with influencers and media outlets.

What is Influencer Seeding?

Influencers are the ones that use their knowledge and expertise in a specific field to build their reputation among social media users. These influencers regularly post content like informative videos about their expertise topic on their respective social media channels and encourage their followers to purchase the promoted products.

Due to these characteristics, Influencer marketing is considered a type of content seeding and also known as “influencer seeding”. Doubling the website traffic and increasing brand awareness is the only aim of every brand while collaborating with influencers with similar targeted audience bases.

Influencer marketing has done its job so perfectly that it has the power to regulate customers buying behaviors quickly. Hence, the old content-seeding concept, like brand partnerships, has shifted to influencer seeding and content seeding.

Types of Content Seeding

There are two types of content seeding techniques, simple and advanced, which depend on the distribution process.

1. Simple Content Seeding

A content seeding strategy that involves the seeding of the content within the brand’s own channels is known as a simple content seeding strategy. Brand’s owned channels include their website and account on social media platforms.

Simple content seeding can cost you a bit to achieve your targeted audience traffic because the content that is to be shared should be rich enough to be engaging and encouraging. The brand must shape a fantastic content strategy to make the content quality rich. Using writing tools to examine your prepared content and rectify any grammatical mistakes help a lot in making quality-rich content. 

Simple content seeding strategy can be very time-consuming as it is challenging to increase your brand awareness with such limited resources. If a brand wants to have instant and effective results through simple content seeding, it must follow social media marketing tips correctly.

2. Advanced Content Seeding

A content seeding strategy that involves the distribution of the content on different 3rd party platforms, like websites, social media platforms, forums, influencers, etc. For advanced content seeding, the brand must prepare the same content for each 3rd party platform. The content will be the same as used in the simple content seeding strategy.

Advanced content seeding is equally challenging as simple content seeding, as the brand needs to research the right platform, influencer and website to seed its content. If chosen correctly, advanced content seeding will yield more fruitful results than simple content seeding strategy.

Most Popular Platforms for Content Seeding

If you have created excellent content, any online platform can yield effective content-seeding results over time. Still, the choice of the right online platform can work wonders for a brand can even think of. Following are one of the most popular content-seeding platforms:

Platform Name Active Followers Daily Visitors
Most Popular Platforms for Content Seeding 2.96 billion  2 billion
Most Popular Platforms for Content Seeding 1.35 billion 500 million
Most Popular Platforms for Content Seeding 1.66 billion 56 million
Most Popular Platforms for Content Seeding 900 million 141 million

How to Drive More Traffic with Content Seeding?

The goal of content seeding is to raise the likelihood that the content will go viral. Without additional marketing effort, the popular social media content that has been planted might go viral. Here are some points that can help brands drive more traffic to their business with content seeding.

1. Know your targeted audience

No matter what business strategy you are creating, knowing your targeted audience is what every brand should prioritize. The brand must dig deep into understanding its audience through trusted market researchers and databases. 

Before starting the audience research, you should examine specific questions like:

  • On which online platforms do your audience spend their time the most?
  • Why does the audience prefer that particular online platform?
  • What type of content will engage a huge audience crowd?

Examining these questions before your research will help you know your audience in a better way and conduct the investigation effectively.

2. Set your Goals

Knowing your targeted audience will ease your content-seeding strategy work. Now you can quickly develop the goal of your content seeding. I.e., what goal do you want to achieve with your content? Do you just want to increase your brand awareness? Do you want to boost your brand trust among your customers? Etc. 

Once you finish this quick DIY research, content creation will be smooth and fun.

As the concept of seeding and marketing goes parallel to each other, boosting the brand impression should be your ultimate goal.

3. Research Websites/ Research Influencer

You will shorten the list of potential influencers and businesses as long as you have your persona profile. Take into consideration the interests, issues, traits, etc., of your target audience to identify the influencers they would most likely follow. 

If you need help figuring out where to begin, try searching for influencers or looking for hashtags and subjects that are currently popular and directly linked to your business.

Using various blogger outreach tools, you may also find the influencers who would benefit most from your content-seeding strategy. For example, if you’re in the hair business, you can use salon marketing software to create an influencer-targeted email campaign. 

4. Negotiate with Companies and Influencers

Here comes the stage where you have to convince your shortlisted influencers and companies collaborating with your brand will benefit both parties. Whether it is a business or an influencer, they care about their reputation. Try convincing them that working with your company will enhance their reputation.

Influencer seeding and collaborating with other brands will be very beneficial for your business in the near future. Offering them exclusive deals regularly, providing them with great content, etc., will encourage the influencers to continue their collaboration with your brand.

5. Develop your Content

Content development is laborious as it has to cover your business aim and the product details into one content. Put your imagination power to work and generate blog ideas, video ideas, social media posts, etc. The more content option you have, the easier it will be for you to publish the content.

Generating content ideas does not mean generating ideas without considering the content type your targeted audience likes to see. Be creative with your content, and do not hesitate to try something new with your content by adding videos, GIFs, infographics, etc. 

Wrap Up

Customer behaviors have changed a lot over time, and they have become very selective in selecting products, which is why a brand must win its customers’ hearts and minds as well. 

What makes content and influencer seeding so preferable among the new age brands is that they just need to select the right platform and channel to promote their products and increase website traffic.

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