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In this tutorial blog, I will help you to solve How to Update Product Attributes In Bulk In Magento 2. Let me tell you if you have not noticed the updated Magento 2 Extensions Digest November 2020 (New Release & Updates). Check the latest tutorial blog How to Add New Products List in Widget in Magento 2. Let’s get started with How To Update Product Attributes In Bulk In Magento 2. 

Quick Intro:

By default magento 2 offers product attributes but if you have specific requirements to address then create a product attribute in Magento 2. When you add the product attribute then due to some reason you will require to update its values. And if the online store has 1000+ products then it will be difficult. I will make the work easy for you in this solution. When you are in requirement to update this for changing the labels or change price or for any other reasons then use the below-given solution.

Steps to Update Product Attribute in Bulk in Magento 2:

Goto Catalog>Products and choose more than one products to attribute value that you desire to update.

Now, choose “Update Attributes“ from the mass action option.

update product attributes

Scroll down and tap on “Change” to change the value of the product attribute.

change product attribute

Save the Config.

That’s It.


Hopefully, all are able to Update Product Attributes In Bulk In Magento 2 with the help of the above solution.

Write down in the comment section for any queries and let me know if you have implemented the solution.

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