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Hope all are going great! Today I am going to explain How to Add New Products List in Widget in Magento 2. In case you missed out to check our previous illustration, How to Configure Store URLs in Magento 2.


An online store is regularly updated with new products and the customers must be well informed about it. New Products List in Magento 2 is used to inform customers about the products that are classified as “new”. Magento 2 allows adding a dynamic product list directly to the admin. This is possible by adding a widget functionality to insert product blocks.

To grab the customer’s attention Add New Products List in Widget in Magento 2. Let’s get into it.

Steps to Add New Products List in Widget in Magento 2:

Step 1: Set the Date Range

The date range specifies the time period of the product to be considered as New.

  • Log in to the Admin sidebar, go to Catalog > Inventory > Products
  • From the product list, select the product you want to set the date range and open it in edit mode.
  • Set the starting date and ending date to the Set Product as New From-To field.
  • Then, click Save.

date range

Step 2: Set up a Widget

Here, you need to specify how the New Products List will display in the storefront.

  • From the Admin Dashboard, go to Content > Elements > Widgets
  • Click on the Add Widget button.
  • In the Settings section,

         Type: Select Catalog New Products List in this field.
         Design Theme: Select your desired theme.

  • Then, click Continue.

setup widget

  • In the Storefront Properties Section,

         Widget Title: Give a specific title to the widget. This is only for the backend configuration.
         Assign to Store Views: Select the store view where the widget will be viewed.
         Sort Order: Set the order of the widget you want to display with the others in the same part.

widget configuration

Step 3: Set Location

Determine the location where you want to display the New Products List.

  • Click Add Layout Update
  • In the Display On field, select Specified Page.
  • Select the Page, Container, and Template of the New Products List widget.
  • At last, Save and Continue Edit.

layout update

Step 4: Set the Products List

How the new products list will appear and its content will be managed here.

  • From the left panel, select Widget Options.
  • Set the fields of Widget Options,

          Display Type: To display only the new products, select New Products, or select all Products to display all the products.
          Display Page Control: Set this field to Yes to control the number of products displayed per page.
          Number of Products per Page: Enter the number of products you want to display in each field.
          Number of Products to Display: Enter the number of new products you want to display. By default, the value is 10.
          Cache Lifetime (Seconds): Enter the time in seconds for displaying the new products list.

  • When you are done, click Save.

widget options

Step 5: Check Preview

  • From the Admin Dashboard, browse to Content > Elements > Pages
  • Find the page that you have assigned to display the New Products List and from the action column, Select > View.


This is how you will be able to Add New Products List in Widget in Magento 2. If you stuck anywhere while following the above steps, mention it in the comment section below. Help your friends with the same by sharing the article with them. I will be back with another solution till then stay happy and keep in touch.

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