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Welcome to MageComp E-commerce Tips Series, now we have a little ray of hope to get out of this lockdown, but we need to stay as much as safe we can so with that today, We are going to see Top Trending Products to Sell in 2021. let’s Dive In?.

Getting a fantastic business plan is never an easy task. To decide which product to trade with is always challenging and needs a lot of research and analysis. Numerous factors need to be considered while deciding what product you want to trade with. Product demand is one of the most essential considerations made while choosing the product that you want to sell.

We all know that this time has got us like never before. The pandemic, COVID-19 has been very hard for our lives and businesses. This is the time we have to stand by each other. So, MageComp has come up with this blog to enhance your business and improve your knowledge whatever way we can. So let’s understand the Top Trending Products to Sell and grow our businesses.

In order to make things easier for you, we have come up with the most trending products to sell for the year 2021. These trendy ideas will aid you in boosting sales and thereby giving a punch to your E-commerce store. Thus, let’s get started with the Top Trendy list!

Minimalist Jewelry


The modern generation believes in “Small is Beautiful”. They like things to be modest, minute, intricate, and beautiful. Google Trends says that people searching for this delicate and sober jewelry have been in high volumes and with the least competition in this industry, one can easily try and lead the race by catering to the high demands. The industry has an expected annual growth rate of 2% by the year 2023. To market the business you can make use of the Social media platforms as the millennials dwell there!

Beard Straightener


This industry is anticipated to rise by $81.2 billion by the year 2024 as the concept of men’s grooming is being polished and widened up. There are approximately 37000 monthly searches for this product as per the reports by Google Trends. To market the Beard Straightener, you could make use of the Google ads or effective keywords to be able to flash the product every time a similar search is made. No doubt why the beard trend is still alive!



Entitled as one of the most eternal niches, the market for shapewear is expected to touch $5.6 billion by the year 2022. Looking good and fit has become the priority of the 21st century. Shapewear does not concise its functionality just to be a section in the lingerie but is also now available in general apparel or women fashion sections. Provided in various sizes, colors, and types such as seamless shapewear and high-waist shapewear, this is definitely your go-to product for aiming success.



With the target audience ranging from toddlers to adults, this product can be marketed through social media ads for a greater result. Doubted to be one of the most successful products in the future, you could launch your business around the time when the educational institutions reopen so that you can gain the maximum benefit out of it. Google Trends shows that the sales of the backpacks will rise to $22.5 billion by the year 2023.

Post-workout Massage Guns


Workout and gyms are another best thing trending online. With celebrities giving major fitness and gym clothes, gym accessories have been in great demand. You can get into the business of these post-workout massage guns that help in relaxing the tensed muscles. You could market your product through influencers or fitness enthusiasts in order to invite a huge clientele.

Plaid Hoodie


If you are looking to start an apparel business, Google Trends proves that Plaid Hoodies are the best option to go for as they have 19000 monthly searches to their name. Drive your sales from organic searches and target a particular niche while strategizing your business. Another advantage is that this niche segment shall never go out of fashion and is robust.



Smartwatches have had considerable and constant sales over the years. They are the accessory for every season and for every occasion. With travel, fashion, food, and lifestyle pictures being on every Instagram page, the smartwatch can smartly be placed into all of them. Tie up with an influencer on Instagram and the returns shall be amazing to witness.

Infant and baby carrier


Strollers can be heavy and huge to carry along while you are on a short stroll or trip outside your homes. For these tiny hours of outing parents look for a compact and comfortable harness to carry their little ones. And thus, this becomes one of the most trendy products on google Trends. You can market your product via Amazon Shopping or Google Shopping by providing the best deals and discounts.



Athleisure wear emerges from a combined idea of fitness plus comfort. You can include sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, tank tops, shoes, etc, that can be worn to experience utmost relaxation in the daily routine. Based on your target market you can form your product vertical towards fashion, fitness, yoga, etc. with the help of social media platforms and influencers.

Mesh Shoes


Mesh Shoes have been regarded as the best selling item for the last two years on Google Trends. Mesh Shoes have broadened their functionality to the athleisure category rather than just being workout wear. This has further increased the range of potential audiences for the business. Be it a student, cook, or athlete; the Mesh Shoes can prove to be comfortable for all. Find your influencers in aimed categories and you are good to go!

Final Words

Be it fashion, comfort, cost, or trend; your E-commerce business has a range of alternatives to have a start with. The above stated are some of the best options for your business. Probe into your desired choice in detail. All you need to do is undertake a SWOT analysis, analyze the investment and returns, look out for the niche segment, and strategize the marketing mix. 

We hope that our trending list has been useful to you in order to select a product for your brand. You can always reach out to us through comments for any help or suggestions.

For any queries regarding the whole write-up, feel free to contact us!. If you have anything to add-on or any question, then feel free to contact our Support Team. You can sell it through different Magento 2 Extensions provided by MageComp. Hopefully, this article has helped you to develop your knowledge. If so, then don’t forget to share it with your Magento groups. Also we are open to your reviews regarding this in the comment section below. Stay indoors, stay safe!

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