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What are you all up to? Today I will explain to you all How to Translate CMS Pages in Magento 2. Also, go through the related topic article

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CMS page translation is mainly used for creating a translated site that is displayed to the customers on any specific store view respectively. For implementing this firstly you have to Create a new page by using the same URL for assigning it to the store. After that follow the below-given steps. 

How to Translate CMS Pages in Magento 2:

Step 1: Firstly Navigate to Content>Elements>Pages

Choose the page you need to translate and explore it by clicking on the edit mode:

Just Copy the URL Key and go Back button to Pages grid and tp on ADD New Page Button:

Translate CMS Pages in Magento 2

Step 2: Fill out the information accordingly.

Enable Page to ‘YES’

Page Title: Add the translated title here.

Add the translated title

URL Key: Add the URL that you have copied previously.

Meta Title: Add the title for the translated page

Meta Keywords: Add the keywords for your translated page.

Meta Description: Add the meta description for the translated page.

search engine optimization for cms page in magento 2

Store View: Select accordingly for displaying the translation.

Select store view for CMS page in Magento 2

Content: Explore the Content Section and add the translated content.

CMS page in Magento 2

Design: Create the layout for the translated page.

Step 3: Save the Configuration

Now, for output checkout the frontend and with the help of the Language translator for Magento 2 verify the translation of the store view.

Over to You:

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