The database is a well-organized collection of information that can be easily accessed, managed and updated, and this data is stored in rows, columns, and tables, and with its own index that makes it easier to fetch relevant information whenever needed. One powerful eCommerce CMS Magento relies on MYSQL Database which is completely open source and one of the most popular languages for adding, accessing and managing content in a database in an easy and flexible way. And your customer’s information plays a vital role in your business because without having your customer’s information your business is almost incapable of doing marketing and suggest products to your customers.
Sometimes it happens that the store admin wants fresh Magento 2 update without importing all the data back or admin came across a requirement of just transferring Magento 1 store customers to Magento 2 store which is a cumbersome task if you are the newbie. So, we are back with another powerful script that will help you to transfer all your customer information to your Magento 2 stores including store credentials, address and other information.
To do the same first we need to create ‘customer.php’ in Magento 1.x root folder to generate a main customer CSV file that we will later import to Magento 2 store.

After that, we need to create one more ‘customeraddress.php’ script in the same location of Magento 1.x root folder for creating all customer address CSV file.

After running both the script in your Magento 1.x root folder now you can find “customer.csv” file that is generated using the first script and “customerAddress.csv” file that is generated after successful execution of the second script.
Now it’s time to import these CSV files into your Magento 2 backend and for that purpose navigate to System->Import

For importing “customer.csv” file select “Customers Main File” option from the dropdown and for importing “customerAddress.csv” select Customer Addresses option from the dropdown and select remaining option according to your business need.

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Happy Transfer!

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