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In this blog, we will explore how to implement user activity tracking in a Laravel application to gain better insights and enhance user experience.

As the popularity of web applications continues to soar, understanding user behavior and interactions within your Laravel application becomes paramount. Tracking user activity not only provides valuable insights into user preferences but also helps debug and ensure your application’s security.

Let’s see how you can track user activity in Laravel.

Steps to Track All User Activity in Laravel Application:

Step 1:  Create a Laravel project using the below command

Step 2: To get all activity logs, we use the spatie/laravel-medialibrary

Step 3: You need to publish the migration to create the media table using the below command

Step 4: After that, you need to run the migration command

Step 5: Now, publish the config File using the below command 

Step 6: You can log activity like the below code 

Step 7: Get All activity using the below code


all activity logs


This way, you can track all user activity in the Laravel application. If you cannot track user activity log in Laravel successfully, you can take help from an experienced Laravel Developer.

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