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A Magento 2 shop that is larger in scale and has a large inventory cannot be controlled by a single administrator. Multiple admin users are necessary to operate larger stores, where the job is distributed for the website’s seamless operation. With several admin users, there is a super admin who manages all other admin users. To avoid any unexpected action, the super admin must keep an eye on all of the admins’ activities. Furthermore, the store backend is where all of the store’s functions are performed.

With Magecomp’s Magento 2 Admin Activity Log, you can reduce hazards and the effect of setup issues. Limit log report access, take complete control of the admin panel, gather all information on changes in your backend: who made them, what was modified, and where they occurred, and intervene in any admin decision as soon as possible if necessary!

Benefits of Magecomp’s Admin Actions Log for Magento 2

  • The extension enables the administrator to observe all backend activities and obtain a complete report of admin login actions.
  • The admin has the option of selecting which modules to track. 
  • The modules admin has chosen will be recorded and available in the admin activity log report.
  • Magecomp’s Admin Actions Log Extension for Magento 2  allows the administrator to recover the changes immediately from the activity log report with just one click if any unfamiliar changes were found.
  • After the given time period, the Backend Report will be removed by itself. The administrator can also manually clear activity log data with one click only.
  • The Admin Actions Log for Magento 2 allows you to recover changes performed on the backend, protecting your business against unauthorized modifications made by an admin user.
  • The admin can also get notifications through e-email when data is deleted.

How To setup  Admin Actions Log for Magento 2

Step 1: Once the extension has been properly installed, navigate to Stores > Configuration to set it up for use.


  • Admin Activity:  Enable or disable the extension from this option.
  • Enable Login Activity: Select  YES to allow the login activity.
  • Enable Page Visit History: To get the page visit history select YES.
  • Admin email: Enter your email id, on which you want to receive mail when the activity log is cleared.
  • Custom Email Template: Set the customized email template as per your requirements.
  • Clear Admin Activity Logs After: Set the time period to automatically delete the activity log.


  • Clear Activity Log: Clear the activity log manually from here.
  • Last Clear Date: It shows when the last time the activity log was deleted.
  • Allowed Modules: The admin has the option to select modules from different options.

clear activity log

Admin Activity & Login Activity Dashboard

The admin activity detailed report view from the backend.

admin activity backend

The admin activity log has been expanded. When you click the Check Activity button on the dashboard, you’ll see this.

admin activity log details

The backend view of complete login activity.

admin activity logs complete

Admin Activity Revert Option

The revert option view at the admin dashboard.

revert admin activity

An expanded view of the admin action with a revert option that shows the price’s previous and new values.

revert expanded

When the user hits Revert, the status is changed to success.

revert success

Last Words:

Hence, accordingly, you can add  Admin Actions Log for Magento 2 and make your admin activity management easier. For any further support feel free to contact us.

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