Wondering why your traffic and interaction aren’t increasing significantly, even though you’re producing excellent content? The issue isn’t so much with your material as it is with how you’re advertising it. You’re doing yourself an injustice if you don’t make use of a SaaS newsletter as a personalized platform for your most captivating and relevant material.

A newsletter is successful if it provides a distinct perspective on your business and its usefulness. You’ve conveyed value if you present a solution to a potential query, emphasize your customers’ pain areas with the supporting remedy, or exhibit your competence in your industry’s distinct domain. Help your users easily subscribe to newsletters and gain some knowledge.

There are already several newsletters effectively promoting their respective companies and building long-term relationships with users in the most subtle way possible. For the users, the newsletters are a medium of receiving updates, while for the company, the newsletter is a way to showcase and imprint their brand image in the consumers’ minds.

To get more ideas about successful newsletters, check out this list of top 5 SaaS newsletters you should subscribe to in 2022.

Top 5 SaaS Newsletters for Your Business 

TLDR Newsletter

TLDR is the service for you if you want to catch up with all of the news stories without feeling stressed. It gives you a general understanding of what is going on without going in-depth. It is, therefore, marketed as a “byte-sized” news platform for tech enthusiasts on the go.

Anyone intrigued by technology should subscribe to this newsletter. Not only is the email easily readable, but it also contains an incredible collection of news, information, and cutting-edge technological connections. Because TLDR is primarily focused on technology, you’ll rarely see it jumbled in with other media articles (unless they’re connected in some way).


SaaStock is a network of Software as a Service (SaaS) entrepreneurs, executives, and financiers. SaaStock’s primary goal is to assist businesses in growing, gaining popularity, and spreading. They hold frequent seminars to gather the CEOs of SaaS companies to benefit from one another.

Following a five-year journey, the company now offers a knowledge hub with blog posts, podcasts, workshops, videos, and SaaS marketing guidelines. Its weekly newsletter contains intriguing information and updates about SaaStock’s activities and deals on SaaS products.


ProfitWell is an online organization that helps enterprises and organizations with business information solutions. It has a software platform that focuses on cost structure, advanced analytics, SAAS metrics, and positioning.

It features newsletters with the same title that provide observations, just as its website, which has content divided into three sections: 

  • SaaS Metrics
  • Recur Now
  • Churn. 

SaaS Metrics focuses on all things subscription, providing extensive instructions on approaching subscription promotion, management, and much more. Recur Now is a video series that serves as an overview of revenue-generating enterprises. Similarly, Churn aims to provide knowledge on how to manage, avoid, and mitigate churning.

Forget the Funnel

Subscribers to Forget the Funnel get unlimited access to interview guides, discussion forums, and hundreds of SaaS tools, including email marketing tools for startups.

As the name implies, the website and newsletter aim to assist SaaS companies in reaching out to their clients in the most effective way possible. The newsletter is a terrific method to receive such ideas, but a premium subscription that includes one-on-one counseling, among many other things, is also available.

OpenView Partners

OpenView Partners is one of the most well-known SaaS investors. It assists software startups in becoming industry leaders. They help firms employ the finest talent, acquire and keep the ideal consumers, and work with experts in the field to control their markets through their expansion platform. They are exceptionally qualified to give fully specialized operational help to their portfolio firms because they concentrate on the expansion stage.

It also offers a popular SaaS newsletter with a network of over 100,000 subscribers. The OpenView Partners newsletter focuses on the overall growth of a SaaS company. It covers various topics, including software packaging and costing, business growth, conversions, purchases, and development.

Newsletter for your company

Now that you have skimmed through the list of already flourishing SaaS newsletters, it is time to think about your own. Numerous SAAS newsletter signup email templates can help you convince users to sign up for your newsletter. Signing up, however, is not the only concern – retaining those subscribers is the actual challenge. Know that the content that follows matters tremendously.

Remember these critical lessons to design and distribute an entertaining, profitable SaaS newsletter for your firm:

  • Pick the framework that best suits your needs for organizing and promoting your product 
  • Carefully select your finest material and distribute it to your contacts in an orderly, authentic, and valuable fashion
  • Every newsletter should have a monthly topic
  • Stick close to the brand’s language and imagery; otherwise, there is a chance of misleading or losing your contacts.

These emails are meant to guide and enlighten your readers with important information and industry knowledge while also helping you build a long-term relationship with your SaaS company members.

It’s easy to ignore the advantages of using an email newsletter over conventional “sales” messages, but it’s far superior to sales-based mass emails. It ensures that people don’t forget about your business and that they aren’t bombarded with unwanted marketing. 

You can put the firm up for success by consistently staying in touch with your customers with a superb newsletter. When the time comes to advertise a product, acquisition chances are greater because the company has been engraved in the users’ minds.


Reading newsletters is essential if you want to stay relevant and updated with crucial information. SaaS newsletters give the user insight into the Software and its pricing, promotion, and analytics. 

By highlighting relevant and significant content, a great newsletter will demonstrate its importance. It will contain links and calls-to-action (CTAs) to encourage your connections to take a particular activity, such as browsing your webpage. 

Apart from the top 5 SaaS newsletters, others like ProductLed, Predictable Revenue, and SaaS Playbook are great examples worth checking out.

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