At present, the most popular website designing platform is preferred to run the websites. The reason is its user-friendly nature. No old hand or prior knowledge is required to deal with this. Creating a WordPress website doesn’t end here. Optimization is required for glitch-free performance. The loading of the page should be smooth and not lagging. If you incorporate good practices it will come up in search results. Hire a WordPress Developer to enhance your site performance that increases ranking in SERPs.

10 Tips to Grow your Organic Traffic through WordPress SEO

Use of SEO friendly themes

Choose among the wide range of themes WordPress offers. Developers can enjoy a wide variety of themes based on the site type and business profile. Plugins and scripts are sometimes linked with the themes. It is better to avoid those as it reduces the speed of the website. If the theme is WordPress SEO friendly then it will not discourage the performance of the site. Try Google’s to check the performance issue.

Apply free WordPress plugin

It is good to use a WordPress SEO plugin as it will provide good pointers and suggestions to optimize the site to a great extent. The most popular SEO are Yoast and All in one SEO. These plugins help to optimize images. There are suggestions of keywords and descriptions and page linkage.

Optimize images and videos

Always have high-resolution images on your site. But it has a downside, bigger size and resolution slows down the speed of the site. One simple way to save your site is to optimize images and videos using a good WordPress SEO plugin. This will help to reduce the size without hampering the quality.

Importance of keyword research

There is no denying that a keyword is highly required when developing a website. Choice of keyword is related to the genre of the site. It should be chosen with the purpose of implementing it on all pages. It should be included in the content of the meta description. This will help a person to navigate the site and gain trust. This will boost traffic.

Custom URL for pages and posts

WordPress is so user-friendly that it suggests URLs relevant to the page content. But if you find it lengthy, which is very common to WordPress, settle for a short one so that it positively impacts SEOBoth typing and recalling would be easy. This will enhance the page rank.

Page titles and descriptions

The title has a different weightage. Each page requires a title that coordinates with the content. Description too has an equal role to play. It describes the main features and products of the site. To fetch the page in the search results, keywords should be stuffed properly. It will boost up the WordPress SEO performance. Specific and to the point description leads to clarity of the site. Please make sure it is not too wordy. If it is full of redundant content the reader will be bored. Keywords should also be a part of the meta description that appears in search results. Meta description must be clear and relevant to the site content.

Tags and categories

Before you set up and design the website you have to understand the value of tagging and categorizing. You have to remain cautious about the category. You will get the advantage of proper page assignment and also the site map will be understandable and easy to deduce. The tags will encourage search engine results. This is for sure to bring up the page rank keeping clumsiness at bay. This is an effective way to optimize WordPress SEO.

Internal links

Proper linking of pages does not allow ‘page not found error’. If each page is interlinked appropriately, based on the topic and the sub-topic, the problem of dead links will not occur. It is important to eliminate the problem of page not found or error 404 because it discourages page rank. While designing and developing your site make sure all the links are properly synchronized and the hyperlinks are active too. Check the presence of broken links through the WordPress SEO plugin. Make use of external links to describe the subject matter in detail. Keep checking regularly the activeness of external links. If it is broken or not active then it will bring down the page rank.

Assign text to images

Your goal is to make your site user-friendly. When a customer visits your site the images should be clear along with the proper text. There should be a proper balance between the product and its name. For example, a dupatta should be named ‘dupatta.jpg’ and not an abstract number or text that leaves your visitor clueless or confused. A text is the name of a product. It will be visible even when the network is slow and the user understands the product. They can make out the apparel type. Only images are also searched at times. If you name your product properly and it is tagged with the page this image will pop up in image search results too. With the help of a hyperlink used with the image, the user can reach the site page. This is a good way to pull visitors.

Selection of good host

There are broadly two types of servers, shared and private. When your target audience is huge it is better to choose a private host. This makes your site safe and secure. Another advantage of a private host over a shared one is that the speed will be optimum which will result in good WordPress SEO performance.


Try to learn the WordPress SEO techniques as much as possible and in detail. Implement the same on your site to get the best result. Study the plugins. There are several plugins that can make your site smooth and running. Check for those that are relevant to your site content. Do not select the wrong plugin and jam your site. Also, check out the long list of themes that match your business profile. Keep checking internal links and act on broken links.

Skip all the above tasks and hand over your website to an SEO expert that will help to increase your website traffic and in turn bring in business to you.

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