If you have chosen Magento to power your website, then you are set up for success in the long run.

In case you do not know, this e-commerce platform is trusted by big brands like Burger King, Coca Cola, Samsung, and millions of other mid-sized and small-sized businesses worldwide.

Magento helps business owners from all around the world build their website through its open-source, technology-based e-commerce platform. This allows the user to control the content, look, and even add functionality like creating an individual shopping cart system.

It also offers excellent search engine optimization, catalogue management, and marketing tools. Not to mention that it has influenced several big design trends out there.

Here are the Top Nine Astonishing Magento e-commerce design trends that you must follow:

Sliding CTAs

Sliders. There are so many of them. Online stores use most of them for online advertising.

One of the latest trends these days is to place a call-to-action text in one of those slides. Not only do these types of CTAs are beautiful to look at, but they also serve the purpose of traditional CTAs to get more attention.

Aside from that, you can also pace big background images that slide into your homepage. So, keep those photos coming one after the other. That way, you can place more emphasis on the products that your visitors would like to see.

Now, imagine having sliding backgrounds with sliding CTAs. That is something wonderful.

Mobile-friendly features

Smartphones and other devices have paved the way for a person to be connected online with just a click of a button. In today’s digital world, mobile-friendliness is vital for the success of your online business.

Sites with mobile-friendly pages that are quick to load are the bread and butter of most e-commerce site owners. Magento goes by this rule by making its site more mobile-friendly. It gives users more convenience by shopping anytime, anywhere.

Remember that most web users are impatient these days, and are expecting instant results. With Magento, you are letting them buy from you even while on the go.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax is pure illusion where your background photos move with a mouse, yet a lot less slow than foreground images. What it does is that it builds this illusion of depth, immediately drawing the user in.

Using Parallax Scrolling increasingly became rampant, especially with the rise of smartphones and tablets. Users usually scroll to browse, rather than click.

According to Kenneth Sytian, a top web designer in the Philippines and owner of Sytian Productions, “Scrolling significantly reduces page loading time rather than clicking. Users get all the needed data without having to browse through multiple pages, which creates dynamic interactions.”

This makes scrolling a lot easier for mobile users who are accessing Magento-based websites.

Information blocks

Another trend is block-view information placement. When you click a particular block, you will have access to information. This allows you to save space on your site. 

Upgraded interactivity

Every once in a while, users might come across a site that will catch their eye for its simplicity and innovation.

Through Magento, you are sure that your online store gets the most interactive experience. And the best way to do so is to get data from your customers.

Let’s say, and you measure your customers’ shopping behaviour. Then, what you can do is offer them coupons, promotions, product recommendations, and discounts when they land on your site.

Make the whole shopping experience as streamlined as you can for users. Also, provide them with a sense of personalization and encourage them to trust your store more.

Included AI and Chatbots

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence is here to stay and manages to draw more people from all over the world.

In the e-commerce industry, AI and Chatbots have been growing. Moreso, online stores that have been utilizing this technology have received many benefits. AI helps target particular customers and giving them a more personalized shopping experience.

Grid Layout

It is not a secret anymore that a responsive design creates a better user experience in the long run. That’s why one of the best options for your Magento online store is the grid layout.

It gives you additional control over how your layout is handled in different screen sizes. Meaning, visitors can easily access your site by using multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems without having to lose its visual quality.

Designs that are grid-based work particularly well with e-commerce layouts like the product detail page, product grid, header, footer, and other blocks and widgets.

With it, it is also quite easy to navigate your website, and you will have more control over your Magento online store.

Colourful homepages

The past few years have all been about minimalism and white space. Now, more and more designers are experimenting with colours that are bold and vibrant, making your website pop.

Colours are not only there for aesthetic purposes, but they are also there to connect more with your customers. Colours help you convey your message and bring a more positive shopping experience.

So, take your Magento Store Design & User Experience to the next level with our PSD to Magento Theme Conversion Service or Graphics Design Service by MageComp that will help you to convert your any PSD theme layout to Magento responsive theme layout. The days of monochromatic sites will soon be gone. The year 2019 is the year of more eye-catching site designs paired with colourful homepages.

Hovering effect

Another design trend that is integrated with Magento is the hovering effect. It gives your site a more intuitive feel. Whenever a user hovers across any area on your website, they will see additional features or content that is embedded there.

For instance, if a user hovers their cursor in a particular area, animated actions spring into life.

Another thing that adds to the overall user experience is interactive cursors. As users gradually gain experience with their mouse cursor, some parts of their website are customized.

Final Thoughts

Magento not only integrates the latest design trends out there on the web, but the solution that it provides is designed to cater to both user experience and designers. You can also Hire Dedicated Magento Developer from MageComp that can help you any customization or development for Magento Ecommerce Store.

So, if you are an e-commerce business owner and want to get a site that is designed for you without the necessary hassle, then you should get Magento. You are also sure that shoppers will get a hassle-free shopping experience.

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