Recently on 2nd May,2018 Magento is popped out with new improved & Enhanced Magento 2.2.4 version. Due to its wide community & its contribution toward updating and enhancing Magento Platform. This time Magento is again power packed with some new tools, numerous functional fixes and enhancements. Almost 200 Magento community contributions are considered in this release, including performance-tuning enhancements plus and 80 other engineering fixes.

Here are Highlights of Newly Magento 2.2.4:

1) In Magento 2.2.4, Magento has provided new bundled extensions that will help Merchants to provide two more payment gateways and implement automatic calculation for tax and shipping calculations on a cart.

Amazon Pay: Amazon Pay is trusted payment gateway served by Amazon, for quick and easy check in and check out.

amazon payment gateway 2.2.4

Vertex: Added built-in support to simplify & calculate sales tax automatically.

Klarna Payments: With Klarna Payments, the Merchants can give an option to their customers to pay later or pay by installment for the purchases they have made.

klarna payment gateway 2.2.4

2) Now Merchants can create their own transactional email templates using Dot mailer and can integrate it into Magento 2.

3) Improved performance for quick shopping using faster image loading and search performance enhancements.

4) New dedicated payment & shipping debug log files to store information for quick and easy debugging.

5) Now, we can also run these commands during maintenance mode that was previously disabled by Magento.

bin\magento module:uninstall
bin\magento setup:backup
bin\magento setup:rollback
bin\magento theme:uninstall
bin\magento deploy:mode:set production

6) Save operations now work as expected for bundle products also now we can duplicate a bundle product without stripping the original bundle product of its options.

7) Previously, Magento throws an exception while setting up category_ids and filtering by price have been resolved in this Magento 2.2.4 Version.

8) Magento has fixed JavaScript error issue of postcode validation on the cart from when the United States is not selected in the Allowed Countries Admin option.

9) Now Magento reorders configurable attribute options as expected on the product page.

10) Previously, when the template name was incorrect, Magento sent the email with no content which is fixed in Magento 2.2.4 even when you make a mistake in the email template file name.

Additionally, Magento made mandatory for Indian customers to select State/Province when shipping orders to India, and the checkout page now provides a drop-down field with appropriate values.

How to Upgrade Magento 2.x to the Latest Version CTA 1

You can also follow our guide to quickly upgrade your Magento 2.x to Latest Version.

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