While buying a pair of shoes, you have to select several options before making a purchase like a shoe size, color or some other options too. It’s not a typical shoppable thing where you just add the product to cart and make payment because of its configurable product. Over time, these configurable products are becoming popular because it allows customers to select the variant they love to buy.

Magento allows the store owner to create and sell such type of products using backend options. But creating such configurable product required setting up several options such as size, color, model, make, etc. Because Magento treats this configurable product as a set of simple products. Each variation of the product has its own SKU and inventory system.

On the frontend, whenever a user picks a convenient option from the configurable product, product options and price will be changed accordingly but not product SKU in default Magento store environment. To get the child product SKU from the configurable product, here is another blog to switch product SKU according to the selection of child products in Magento 2.

To do the same, first we need to create “di.xml” file in following path using below code.

Now, we have to create “Configurable.php” file at following path using below code.

In this code, we have defined “skuswitch.js” and “swatch-skuswitch.js” which we are required a and we create in later step.

In this last step, we have to “skuswitch.js” using below code at this path.

Now, we need to create remaining “swatch-skuswitch.js” file at below location.

And that’s it! Now product SKU will be changed dynamically based on the customer selection. Also, You can use this code according to your need for changing Product SKU.
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