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Facing the issue of currency symbol not being displayed on the product, cart, and checkout page in Magento 2? I am here to provide a solution to this problem.

For a global reach of customers, it is necessary to display product prices on the basis of customers’ locality. A Magento store that supports different types of currencies can enhance the shopping experience of its customers. Automatically switch currency of the Magento 2 store based on the user’s location and provide flexibility of payment.

Learn How to Configure Currency in Magento 2

You have configured currency properly but sometimes you face issues with currency symbols. After you upgrade to Magento 2.4.3, it may happen that the currency symbol is not displayed on the product page, cart page, or checkout page. Let’s solve this issue

Steps to Solve Currency Symbol not Showing on Product, Cart and Checkout Page in Magento 2:

Step 1: First, we need to create a “di.xml” file inside our extension at the following path.


Then add the code as follows

Step 2: After that, we need to create a “Currency.php” file inside the below path folder to add a file in the module.


Then add the code as mentioned underneath


Hopefully, everyone was able to resolve the issue of Currency Symbol not Showing on the Product, Cart, and Checkout Page in Magento 2. If still, the problem persists, I can help you with it. You can catch me through the comment section.

Change the position of the currency symbol as in before the amount or after the amount in Magento 2 – Click Here

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