King’s Framing & Art Gallery is a one-stop shop for all art supplies. They’ve been in the industry for 14 years and also provide services for guiding the customers to make the right choice of art supplies. They approached MageComp to boost website speed. We worked on changing the website theme and server hosting. This resulted in higher traffic with an improvement in website speed.


Case 1: Too many crawl issues


Initially, our marketing team checked the website performance reports of Google Search Console when the client came to us. It has an abundance of crawl issues which creates difficulties in marketing activities. 


The client was unable to get the results of their marketing efforts. We analyzed to make out which factors caused the crawling and indexing issues. Through Google Search Console, we found out that the problem was with the robots.txt file. We corrected the pages that were blocked by the robots.txt file and stopped the crawlers from indexing essential website pages.

Configuring the robots.txt file correctly helped eliminate crawlability issues. It improved the website’s health and visibility on search engines. The client enjoyed increased website traffic.

Case 2: Low traffic from organic channel source


Organic traffic was, is, and will be the first priority for any SEO project. Organic traffic helps make the website popular and boost sales. We were requested to increase the website’s organic traffic from search engines. After fixing the technical on-page related issues, the marketing team passionately started working on improving organic traffic with marketing tactics.


We initiated off-page SEO activities to boost organic traffic to our client’s website. We created backlinks, began guest posting and practised social media marketing. We also started email marketing, where we regularly sent conversion-friendly newsletters through email.

After carrying out off-page SEO activities and email marketing, we gradually started witnessing the change in traffic. We analyzed the reports through Google Analytics and SEMRush for organic traffic performance. The revenue graph started going up and the client was much satisfied with our services and efforts.

Case 3: The website was too slow & demanding a better web hosting solution


Their website’s loading speed was too slow. Thus, the users were quitting the website. It was also hard to bring back lost visitors due to the slow load speed. Besides the loading speed issue, the website downtime was increasing. Hence, it failed to provide its customers with an outstanding shopping experience.


Our development team worked vigorously to improve website loading time. The rebuilding of the Mega Menu was the biggest challenge and it was done successfully. The images were compressed to improve the website speed. We are still working on site optimization for further improvements.

Next was the website downtime. The frequent up and down of website functioning was due to its server hosting. We uploaded the website to another server for performance improvement. After hosting the website on Cloudways, it showed the desired result. The website now remains stable, serving unbroken shopping experiences to customers.

Case 4: The website’s slow speed was the obstacle to SEO


Website speed is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. And slow speed was the biggest challenge our client was facing. The website’s customers were continuously complaining about the inconvenience they were facing with the website. To win the game of SEO, it was essential to work on website loading speed.


Firstly, we conducted site research to find which elements caused slow loading time. Through study, we discovered that the website theme was outdated. Hence, our developing team started working on changing the website theme. The whole website was converted into a new theme for faster performance. The top menu was modified for easy and quick navigation.

Changing the theme resulted in a faster loading speed of the website. Because of this, it helped increase keyword ranking positions on search engines, thereby increasing sales and revenue of our client’s business. We successfully have taken the lead in SEO for our client’s website.


bounce rate decrease

users increased

improvement in session time

Here is the real evidence of the increase in organic traffic for their website

traffic increase

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Insights taken from

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