Box & Wrap is a wholesale distributor and manufacturer of packaging solutions providing unique designs of packing and wrapping that helps in brand promotion. They provide packaging services for retail businesses, bakeries, candy shops, gift wrapping, wine stores, restaurants, florists, and more. They connected with us to boost organic traffic and sales of their store. We fixed the crawling issues and tried various ways to improve keyword rankings.


Case 1: Plenty of page crawl issues


Firstly, our marketing team figured out where the exact problem was. For that, we checked the Google Search Console stats and found that the website comprises many crawling issues. Website crawlability issues were causing difficulty for the search engines to crawl and reach a particular page of their website. 


To rank higher on search engine results pages, the search engine must easily index and crawl the web pages of your website. When a search engine cannot access a webpage, it creates crawl errors. Crawl errors affect the website rankings and user experience as the search engine cannot access the webpage content and index the page.

When we analyzed our client’s website in Google Search Console, we discovered that the website had many crawl issues. We analyzed the crawling and indexing related issues in depth. These crawling issues were trouble for our client’s website in higher website rankings. We started working on fixing the crawling errors one by one. We configured the robots.txt file correctly to make sure that the bot scans & accesses only those web pages that are intended to be indexed by search engines. Gradually the website’s health improved and it started performing well on search engines. The crawling issues were reduced and the visibility improved on search engines.

Case 2: Low traffic from organic channel source


Our client’s website owned noteworthy traffic from various channels like direct, social, referral, etc. The only problem they faced was the organic traffic. The organic channels, like Google Search or Bing, failed to bring traffic to their website. The client requested us to boost website traffic organically from the famous search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Organic traffic is the traffic that comes by searching on a search engine and clicking on an organic search result. Ranking your website higher on search engines and search engine optimization helps to boost organic traffic to the website. Organic traffic helps to bring in new customers and build trust.

Our marketing team conducted various tactics to bring organic search traffic. We performed off-page activities like creating valuable backlinks, guest posting, social media marketing, local listings, and more. We attempted various on-page activities to improve website performance. We even carried out email marketing tactics in order to increase web visits from Google. Our marketing team passionately worked on marketing tactics to complete the mission.

Over the course of time, we analyzed the website’s organic traffic through tools like Google Analytics, AHREFS and SEMRush. The organic traffic reports witnessed improvements in the organic traffic and the client was delighted to see the result.

Case 3: High competition of keywords


Another challenge was keyword rankings. Our client’s business had a high competition on keywords. These competitive keywords had great search volumes, which made it difficult to beat competitors on Google. It also made it difficult to dominate top positions on Google Search Engine Rankings.


Keyword competition means how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword. The level of competition for a keyword depends on how popular the keyword is and the industry competition. Conducting keyword research will help to know the competition of it and highly targeted keywords to be focused on. 

Our client’s business possesses high competition on keywords. So firstly, we intelligently analyzed & researched the keywords conducting keyword research leveraging premium tools like Moz, Keyword Planner, and SEMRush. We discovered that the competition was intense, but we needed to get the results through keyword ranking. Our marketers emphasized submitting the website to the relevant platforms to target only the relevant audience.

As time went on, we successfully hit the spot! The client’s website dominated its competitors and started ranking on search engines for the targeted keywords.


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Here is the true evidence of the website traffic and keyword rankings.

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Insights taken from AHREFS

Insights taken from Semrush

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