In the B2B sales, marketers tend to implement as many effective and profitable models and strategies for high-quality lead generation. One of them is Software as a service (SaaS) which is a software distribution method frequently used by businesses. Companies put many efforts and investments in order to nurture their sales funnels through the prism of marketing processes, engagement, content, and many others. However, the most effective way of enhancing leads SaaS companies consider emailing. Its possibility to influence the leads through personalized emails, improved indicators, and regular testing email delivery allows vendors to make an e-campaign profitable and successful.

But email marketing requires complex solutions and ideas for improving email deliverability and nurturing SaaS leads. And here comes the use email testing tool which suggests valuable ideas and strategies for developing your leads into warm clients.

After reading this article, you will be able:

  • How perfect email deliverability and thorough knowledge of marketing psychology influence sales;
  • An effective strategy for enhancing your SaaS leads and the sales funnels;
  • Segmentation of the audience as a key to improving the quality of delivery;
  • Website as a perfect location for lead nurturing;
  • Tips for enhancing your SaaS lead nurturing;
  • How to be sure of successfully converting cold leads into buying audience?

How perfect email deliverability and thorough knowledge of marketing psychology influence sales

Have you ever known that a customer needs only 13 seconds to make a product or a service? Yes, it is a matter of our subconsciousness. That is why, marketing teams have to involve the knowledge of neuropsychology and influence psychology in order to be aware of how a customer thinks, what they feel during purchasing and communication with sellers, and which emotions they should get from a company to buy their product/service.

This important aspect even email experts should involve in marketing campaigns as well since emailing became one of the most powerful channels of communication with leads. The better you understand your prospects, the better your sales funnel will be.

Email marketing campaigns require complex strategies, actions, and metrics. Maintaining them working in balance and in a good state will show the best results. However, the most important metric here is email deliverability without controlling it the campaign will fail. Keeping email deliverability score at a high level and regularly testing it with the use of Folderly’s spam tester are key factors for boosting your sales and maintaining you as a credible and strong sender. Additionally, Folderly is a product of B2B sales lead generation company Belkins which is a leader in email marketing providing high-quality automated software and its email deliverability tools.

Effective strategy for enhancing your SaaS leads and the sales funnels

An email sales funnel is represented as a complex of emails to prospects in which a cold lead becomes a client through an email communication channel. Through a sales funnel, your prospects already know about you and your service, so basically we can consider them as warm leads who need to be persuaded to buy your products or online service. And in order to achieve it, you should use an email inbound strategy that is effectively used in enhancing your SaaS leads.


This strategy is perfectly used in building a customer-company bridge of relationships. At this stage, your audience already knows about your product/service and brand. However, the most important thing is to interest them to buy it through SaaS strategy involving high-quality content, your credibility, ideas, and realization for solving a customer’s problem or need.

This type of expanding your prospects consists of stages following each you will get a guarantee of success in the email marketing. As email lead generation, SaaS nurturing also should set off thorough diving your prospect into different segmented groups. Let’s have a look at this aspect from a perceptive eye.

Segmentation of the audience as a key to improving the quality of delivery

When you classify your audience according to different groups, or segments, it gives you detailed data about your customers. Knowing what your prospects like, who they are, and what their age is, allows you to send not the same content to all of them. Segmentation gives an opportunity to keep the audience interested in a product and communication with a brand. The better you segment your outreach, the more you will get unsubscribed users. But you shouldn`t forget, that you have segmented audience influences not only your lead generation but also it is one of the important aspects for boosting your email delivery score. If you want to understand whether your audience should be improved and segmented, Folderly’s spam tester comes in handy.

How can a brand understand what its audience is? Here comes in use buyer persona template is a technique when you create portraits of your customers according to different ages, gender, needs, interests, and problems in detail. These portraits allow you, firstly, to search for a solution for a customer’s problem through your products, and secondly, to discover specific content which interests your audience for a long time. And finally, you can use this representation of customers as a full understanding of which email your segmented audience needs at each step of their experience with your company.


So, we have just figured out how using segmented audience and customer portrait positively affect your SaaS lead nurturing.

Website as a perfect location for lead nurturing

Unlike email lead generation, companies using the SaaS strategy are required to communicate with their audience not only through email. So, using a website as a location of your SaaS lead nurturing will be an important step for making your cold leads potential and regular customers.

Which steps should you take into account to make customers’ journey on your website appealing to them and effective for your campaign?

  • Decide a place of communication on your site. Put yourself in a client’s shoes: where will it be convenient and quick to answer customers’ questions and close their needs? It might be an online quick chat at the corner of the website, or you to call them directly after users have visited your page and left their number, etc.
  • Test your way of communication, tone of voice, and design. It will give you an understanding of which type of message and its content engage best your prospects.
  • Explore your audience. Reveal what your customers are and present yourself as one who is able to solve their problems within your company opportunities/product.
  • Convert new visitors to your page into how leads. Use your SaaS lead nurturing at full power implementing techniques for involving first-time visitors through effective ‘call to action emails. The latter ones may include for example free trial for the subscription.

Finally, involving these pieces of advice in your marketing campaign is an essential aspect of the effective nurturing of SaaS leads. Now have a look at more tips bringing you a real boost in sales.

Tips for enhancing your SaaS leads nurturing

Earlier we described in detail what the SaaS lead process is, its peculiarities, and some hints for improving it. But there are more tips you have to be aware of to give your SaaS leads high-quality progress. It includes the following:

First of all, determine what you have to do with your leads after nurturing. Of course, you have to keep all contacts, analyze leads, and work with them. The most convenient and effective automated system you should use is CRM (“Customer Relationship management”). It allows you to control a client’s journey from a cold lead to a frequent buyer.

Secondly, work on your content and segment your audience. Remember, that nothing works better than personalized emails, interesting blogs, events, tips, videos, and newsletters sent into segmented groups of an audience.

Thirdly, follow time schedule and give your audience some time to accept or not your offer/suggestion. It will show not only your respect to them but also allows you to inform them with additional information about your service/product to strengthen your proposal.

Additionally, don’t forget about regular controlling and keeping in balance all indicators and rates. There should be no place for ignoring them since they directly affect whether your marketing campaign will work or not for you.

Finally, test your deliverability with Folderly and check your domain for spam containment in order to provide successful delivery of your email to the recipient’s inboxes. Maintaining good email deliverability is a key factor in not letting your emails be spammed and it provides you to have a good conversion score.

How to be sure of successfully converting cold leads into buying audience?

In SaaS lead nurturing to have an audience making purchases is a key factor giving you understanding that you are on the right way. That is why following all rules, methods, and tips mentioned above will be a guarantee good conversion rate.

Don’t be afraid of diving deeper into contacting your audience on your website, through emails, and other channels of communication. Indeed, it makes you be closer to them to understand them better and provide them with the best solution for their need or a problem.

Don’t hesitate to test your email deliverability, improve your contact, monitor metrics/rates, segment your audience into groups, etc. Remember, implementing these tips into your SaaS campaign is the major factor giving you confidence that a client makes a purchase in your company.


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