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How’s everything going? Here, I have come with some engaging topics for you. Don’t forget to visit the previously published article How to Enable Magento Error Logs In Magento 2.  Today, Let’s solve How to Remove Customer Account Navigation Links In Magento 2? in this article.

How to remove unnecessary customer account links in Magento 2

Magento by default displays a huge list of customer account links on the customer account page. If your business is based differently from other businesses and it does not support Newsletter Subscriptions then it is unnecessary in the list of links displayed at the customer account page. And many times there is a requirement of customizing all the default links because there is no specific requirement of all the links displayed at the customer account page. There are some sort of requirements to remove some links which are unnecessary for the customers.

Display Lists of links by default provided by Magento 2 on customer account screen below: 

  • My Orders
  • My Downloadable Products
  • Account Dashboard
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Stored Payment Methods
  • Address Book
  • Account Information
  • Billing Agreements
  • My Wish List
  • My Product Reviews

Steps to How to remove navigational links

Step 1: Firstly, Create a custom extension or theme and override customer layout file

Create an extension and override the layout XML file


Step 2: Make use of a tag to remove any extra link from my account.

Step 3: Now, simply clear cache and verify the My Account page the links will be removed.

Note: The above code will help you to remove the links and the tag remove=” true” output stands for the links are removed and will not be displayed.

Final Words

By implementing the above-given steps you will be able to successfully remove all the not required links from the customer account navigation. It was quite easy and simple steps if still facing any problems then don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team

You may also like Magento 2 Customer Account Links Manager by MageComp that Lets you manage frontend customer account dashboard links.

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