As Magento specialists, we prioritize learning & innovation over revenue, and we are committed to producing compatible, flexible, and useful Magento development for our clients. Given the nature of the ever-changing eCommerce industry, we are always seeking to utilize new and emerging resources to gain an edge in the competitive market. In this objective, we are proud to announce our presence on Clutch, a Washington DC-based ratings and reviews company.

Clutch is a digital marketplace for B2B service providers that provide useful data-driven content to foster better business buying and hiring decisions. Along with our profile’s presence and review on the site, we are thrilled to currently have a 5-star rating, and be ranking high in the app marketing space. We view this platform as a valuable business growth strategy to expand our resources and broaden our reach.

A former IT client spoke to a Clutch analyst about a customized Magento platform we developed for their eCommerce platform saying, “They are skilled developers and have a very strong understanding of the Magento platforms.”

As a company focused on our customer’s results, we value our feature on Clutch as confirmation of our work value. Being included as a performer in a competitive industry is a prized recognition that speaks to the success of our approach to deliver the best practices and standards with innovative ideas in mind. We are excited by our presence on Clutch and optimistic of its growth potential for our company.

For more information on our profile, as well as our ratings and reviews, go to

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