Over the years, online shopping has gained fame and due to that nowadays if someone wants to buy a product, instead of walking into the store people has started ordering products online with just a few clicks. To run a successful online E-commerce business there are several CMS available to handle sales and product easily by reducing efforts of store owners. Once the order is placed it passes through various order states and statuses and shipping is one of them. Creating a shipment for an order doesn’t take a long but when there is a large number of orders it becomes a time-consuming task for store owners.

Recently we need to generate shipment for multiple orders and to save time and efforts we created a script to generate shipment programmatically in Magento 2 and it worked because it is useful to everyone we decided to share on our MageComp blog.

All you need to do is simply upload this script on the root folder of your server and hit the URL of script followed by the filename.

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