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OsCommerce or Magento? Do you ever bump into a dilemma of which one is better among the two platforms? 

However, out of all the platforms available, Magento and OsCommerce are worth examining. Today we are here to solve this dispute for you. Yes, you heard it correctly. We are going to present in front of you the clear-cut comparison between OsCommerce and Magento. Furthermore, take a quick peek at our other similar blogs to augment your pick rightly.

The first thing that a store merchant requires while moving their business online is choosing an e-commerce platform that caters to all the company requirements. If we look at the need of the store merchant, each E-commerce platform has its own pros and cons. So, in that case, we will be covering the whole anatomy of both platforms to help you pin down Which One Is The Most Suitable For You.

Have a glance at the below-given tabular form of difference between OsCommerce and Magento platforms!

OsCommerce Vs. Magento (Quick Comparison OsCommerce Vs Magento) 

Point Of Difference OsCommerce Magento
Installation. Easy to install. Requires programming expertise.
Usage Simple and convenient in use. Complex as it is designed for multiple stores.
Customizability Less Customizable Highly Customizable
Hosting No server required. Private or dedicated server.
Extensibility Less extensible. Comprises numerous extensions.
Updates Less Frequently. More Frequently.
SEO friendliness Only with Add-ons and extension installations. Integrate SEO techniques into your storefronts.
Prices Less costly than Magento Costlier than OsCommerce.
Appearance and design Quite tricky to customize Easily customizable with professional assistance.

Magento Platform – brief summary

Magento is increasingly demanding to create flexible and dynamic websites. Written in PHP, Magento is an open-source framework that is SEO Friendly, comes with catalog management tools, and strong marketing techniques. Store merchants can easily expand their business with the help of customized extensions and rich features. If we have a look at the statistics of the Magento platform by Trends.builtwith, there are nearly 2,00,000 websites live presently.

Feature-set of Magento

  • Highly Scalable
  • Fully reliable in security
  • Install once, and support multiple stores.
  • Exceptional SEO capabilities
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Multiple gateways support

OsCommerce Platform – brief summary

OsCommerce is open-source software that helps in managing an online store with vast features. OsCommerce is a self-hosted E-commerce platform that is used to set up and control online stores to make them smooth and secure in selling goods and services.

Feature-set of OsCommerce

  • Supports multiple currencies and multiple languages.
  • Easy catalog management
  • Order processing
  • Tax handling
  • Customer management
  • Easy payment processing


So, that was all about OsCommerce Vs. Magento. We hope it came in handy for you in picking the appropriate platform among the two. From the above tabular comparison, it is crystal clear that Magento is undoubtedly the better platform to prefer for your online store.

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