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In today’s blog, I will explain How to Open Hyvä Popup Modal in Magento 2.

Popup modals in Magento 2 can be utilized for various purposes, such as displaying promotional offers, subscription forms, product information, login forms, cart summaries, or any other important information that requires immediate attention from the user. They are often used to enhance the user experience, improve engagement, and encourage users to interact with the website or perform specific actions without disrupting their current browsing session.

Hyvä Themes for Magento 2 is a popular open-source theme that aims to provide a more modern and user-friendly frontend experience for Magento 2 stores. Check out Hyvä Compatible Magento 2 Extensions.

Hyva Compatible Extensions

Let’s find out How to Open Hyvä Popup Modal in Magento 2.

Steps to Open Hyvä Popup Modal in Magento 2:

Step 1: First, we need to create a default.xml file


And add the code as follows

Step 2: After that, create a header.phtml file


Then add the code as below

Step 3: After that, we need to create a popup.phtml file.


And add the code as follows


Hyva Popup Modal


I hope this guide helps you successfully integrate the Hyvä Popup Modal into your Magento 2 store and improves your overall user engagement and sales. If you find difficulty in performing the above steps, you can connect with me through the comment section.

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Happy Coding!

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