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The whole world is going mobile then why not you? Mobile Application is a very useful companion of your E-commerce store. It can lead to brand recognition, increase sales and open the door to millions of potential customers.

E-commerce stores need to offer the best customer experience at every touchpoint of a customer’s journey. To offer a superior customer experience, you cannot rely only on a website. The users are more active on mobile compared to desktops. Hence, it is very necessary to have a mobile app for your E-commerce store where users can buy products on the go and at any time of the day.

We are happy to announce that MageComp is launching a Mobile App for Magento stores. Take your E-commerce business to the next level and open a new sales channel for your business with our Mobile App.

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Features of Mobile App by MageComp:

Get a ready-made mobile app for your E-commerce store with no requirement of technical expertise. Increase, retain and engage your customer base with an effective Mobile App by MageComp.

  • Our Mobile App works on both – Android and IOS.
  • Show banner sliders on the App home page to highlight deals.
  • Bring top-selling and trendy products into the limelight with detailed information.
  • Display top brands with a separate section to help customers reach them easily.
  • Send push notifications to customers for their abandoned cart, new product, or offers.
  • One-click login with Facebook and Google.
  • The app supports all types of Magento products.
  • Offer various shipping and payment methods to customers.
  • The app supports coupon codes that the customers can apply at the time of checkout.
  • Launch your app in no time with simple pricing plans – Check Mobile App Pricing

Launch your App in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Buy our service for Mobile App

Step 2: Share your required details.

Step 3: Bingo! Launch your App

Benefits of Mobile Apps for E-commerce Store:

Most of the users prefer checking products on mobile before buying them from in-store. Conversion rates from mobile apps are 3 times higher than mobile sites. Let’s discuss what makes the E-commerce mobile apps more preferable channel for purchasing by the customers.

Increased Brand Recognition

This is one of the foremost reasons for opting for an E-commerce App. Improve brand visibility of your store with a mobile app. Offer the best quality and easy user experience through your mobile app and watch your conversion rates get higher.

Better User Experience

Mobile Apps provide a great user experience compared to mobile websites. Customers of today want a personalized and consistent shopping experience. Websites can make it difficult to offer this to customers, instead, mobile apps can make it easy to get repetitive sales.

High Conversion Rates

Mobile apps can lead to better conversion rates. And the only thing that matters in E-commerce is ultimately the revenue of your store. Customers look for a smooth purchasing process while shopping online. And Mobile apps can make it possible.

Improve Average Order Value

Mobile Apps can offer the best shopping experience to customers thus improving the average order value. With the quick process and faster loading, mobile apps can help in reducing the abandoned cart rate of the store.

Better Efficiency

With the advanced features and better functionality, mobile apps are more efficient than websites. Push notifications can help to bring back customers or inform them about any offers. Mobile apps attract customers and which will result in higher profits.

Wrapping Up:

Catch up on all the opportunities that can bring success to your E-commerce store and help to achieve your business goals. Check out the Mobile App service by us and if you have any requirements, feel free to contact us.

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