Hello Magento Lovers,

Valentine’s Day is approaching nearby, when people are ready to buy gifts for their loved ones, there are plenty of Magento store owners in the hunt for love-fueled sales with some lovey dovey offers & huge discounts. As Valentines day is the most potential opportunity for store owners to get prepared for the sale boosts, it would a great mistake if you haven’t made your store a merrier place to shop. Decorating stores to give a romantic look not only enhance user experience but stimulate them to buy more because of the eye catching layout.

Creating or buying an expensive theme is not recommended but as you are extra special for us, we have created a small Magento extension that will help you to reduce efforts of decorating your Magento store this love season.

Let the love flow in the air with the cute heart falling “Magento Valentine’s Day Decoration” extension by MageComp. We have topped this extension with lots of love that allows you to customize a store with your favorite heartflakes with the choice of your sizes and colors and it’s totally FREE. We’ve all set-n-up, so all you need to do is simply integrate our love into your Magento store.

Simply install and configure to enjoy oh so wow! look of your Magento store. The extension comes up with amazing features, some of them are listed below.

Features :

  • Option to enable or disable the extension with a single click.
  • You can set the number of heart flakes along with minimum and maximum size for the heart.
  • You can change heart flakes just by passing Unicode number from store backend.
  • Set speed for heart flakes to fall.

Beside this, we have lot more for you on this Valentine.
Guess what? tell us in the comment section or share your experience about this love freebie down below.
So, roll up your sleeves and stay tuned for MageComp Valentine’s Day love like never before!
Keep loving Magento ❤️, Keep loving us. ?

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