In the E-commerce world, customer is king because according to the survey, 81% of satisfied customers are more likely to do business with you again if they have a positive experience. Ongoing satisfaction leads to loyalty and customer loyalty is worthless. Magento facilitates customers to rate or review the product based on their satisfaction but sometimes when there are numerous products and you want to find customer satisfaction of particular product with various criteria, it becomes the trickiest job ever. That’s why, we are again back to simplify your task so you can easily find a number of reviews, average rating out of 5 and measure customer satisfaction in percentage programmatically.

Some products have their own brand value and trust base. The average ratings are badly needed when you only want people to have an overall idea of product popularity and overall user satisfaction as a purchase decider. In such cases, Magento store owners require to show average rating just to convince and encourage purchase.

To get Number of product reviews & average ratings programmatically in Magento, we need to use the small script. First, you need to create one file with below code and copy it into the root directory of your web server.

Once all set-n-up, just hit the URL and you will get the review and rating summary result in your web browser. You can even tweak this code as per your need.
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