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In this article, I will discuss the New Release & Updates of PWA Studio 8.0.0. If you are not much aware of PWA then check out my last article PWA In Magento 2: What is PWA?. Let’s dive into PWA Release notes 8.0.0.

What’s new in Magento 2 PWA Studio 8.0.0

Latest PWA Studio 8.0.0 includes new features, refactors, and different performance improvements.

Improved performance

This PWA release displays plenty of work performed for enhancing the improvement of the storefront performance. Therefore, take advantage of the updates by using the latest PWA Studio components.
The major and biggest modification is the migration to Apollo Client 3.0. The latest version of the Apollo Client will offer superior cache controls and improved network fetching performance.

The latest PWA Studio Release contains different refactors and enhancements on the GraphQL queries for decreasing the API request times from Magento.

Complete cart and checkout experience

This PWA release completes the checkout and full-page cart that were introduced in the last release notes. The whole checkout and cart work-flow is structured on the basis of the research that was carried out by the members of the UX team.

Storefront developers are capable of using this simplified process as the implementation or can utilize the various components for their own cart and checkout workflow customization.

Shopping Bag feature

For a better and entire checkout and cart experience, this PWA release presented an all-new Shopping Bag feature. It is also known as the floating modal that is displayed when you tap on the shopping bag symbol. Developers are also capable of utilizing the old MiniCart component but it is been replaced by the LegacyMiniCart.

Branding updates

Research carried out by the UX team for the improvement of the Venia brand.  This PWA release contains various style updates for providing the Venia storefront an advanced and approachable experience. This all the implementation will be available for developers immediately when they start a project by utilizing this version of Venia. Or they have an option to upgrade the dependencies accordingly.

My Account code preview

This PWA release contains a glimpse of the features related to My Account. For example the Address Book, Wishlist and Order History. The communications page is the only navigable page and if you are a developer then take a look at the release of the PWA 8.0.0 codebase to view all the introductory codes.


Expectantly, with the help of the above-discussed points all are now aware of the PWA release 8.0.0. For choosing PWA for Magento then take your decision after going through Top Five Magento PWA (Progressive Web Apps) Providers.

Looking forward to hearing from developers all about the update and the changes in the development. Guess what is the next move will they come up with the release 8.1 minor update or Release 9.0 version.

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