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Here I am with another subject topic and this time it is about What is Magento 2 Marketing Tools & How to Use It.

Irrespective of the company size, marketing tools are an indispensable part of a company. Magento 2 provides a wide range of modern marketing and merchandising tools in order to make your life a little simpler. These Magento tools have benefited big firms like burger king, coca-cola, Nike, Ford, and the list goes on! Magento tools have been a backbone to these companies in constructing an excellent experience for the users.

We have assembled a list of 5 Magento 2 Marketing tools that will aid you to enhance your brand recognition and revenue.

Let’s dive right into What is Magento 2 Marketing Tools & How to Use It.

Magento 2 Marketing Tools and Its Use

Magento 2 serves you with the marketing tools as shown in the image below:

marketing tools


With the use of Magento 2 Marketing tools, you can provide customized promotions to the customers based on their choices, location, gender, browsing history, etc. Magento 2 comes with the below listed promotional offers.

  • Catalog price rule:

The Catalogue price rules require no coupon codes and display the discount before the product is placed in the shopping cart.

  • Cart price rules:

These promotions are displayed after the fulfillment of specific conditions at the checkout. For example, when the customer makes a purchase of $600 or above, you will offer a 15% discount when he checks out.


In order to make your business strategies right, communication is a vital component. The customers may bust a move if you send the same offer emails every time to them. So, to solve this problem, Magento 2 provides the below listed enriched communication strategies.

  • Email Templates:

These templates help the admin to customize all the emails you send to the customer.

  • Newsletter Templates:

Magento 2 allows you to create provisional newsletter templates whether it is an update in a product or an annual holiday newsletter.

  • Newsletter Queue:

With the use of Newsletter Queue, the admin can send newsletters to numerous customers.

  • Newsletter Subscribers:

The admin can easily handle the subscription list and can export the list of subscribers in a variety of forms.

Advertising Channels:

Through advertising channels, integrate your Magento store with the google merchant center which helps to create and manage google shopping ads campaigns.

SEO and Search:

Magento 2 provides the SEO and Search tools to uphold your website rankings on the search engines. The most recent update of the Magento 2 marketing tools helps the admin to add a keyword to help customers find their store’s products easily on the search engines.

  • URL Rewrites:

Magento 2 helps in applying redirects in order to manage URL alterations and prevent broken links.

  • Search Terms:

Magento 2 aids in analyzing search queries to help customers find your products easily.

  • Search Synonyms:

Build and handle search synonym groups. To make sure to build a powerful catalog search, the admin can incorporate various terms which can be used to characterize the same item.

  • Site Map:

Build a sitemap.

User Content:

It helps in creating user-defined reviews of the product in order to create a sense of trust between the admin and the customer. The Magento 2 helps you in deciding whether you want to make the customers write reviews only when they register to your site or allow the guest customers also.

Customer Engagement:

To draw new customers is much more difficult than maintaining the already existing customers. To satisfy customers, it is important to carry out loyalty programs and reward point systems. The Magento 2 offers the reward point system where the customers are rewarded for various activities like purchasing a product, or when they leave a review, or when they subscribe to a newsletter.

Summing It Up:

Using all the above-listed Marketing tools will aid you in developing your company recognition and in procuring huge revenue. Hit the 5 stars and share with your Magento friends.

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