While shopping have you come across doubts in your mind? If yes, what do you do? You definitely try to contact the seller and if you cannot find any way to reach the seller, you abandon the site and move to another one.

The same thing happens with your customers for your site. To hold back the visitors to your site, you must provide a prompt link where the customers can contact you from anywhere on your website.

Magento 2 owners need not worry about the above-mentioned situation. Using the Quick Contact Form Extension for Magento 2, Magento store owners can easily include a quick contact link on the storefront.

Aids of allowing customers to contact you quickly:

  • Visitors can contact you immediately whenever they come across any doubt or question.
  • Quick contact can necessarily help in reducing cart abandonment rates.
  • As the customer’s queries are solved immediately, it increases the user experience of the store.
  • Perhaps the conversion rates are increased as the customers can take immediate buying decisions. 
  • Admin is able to revert back to customers and solve their problems immediately.
  • Admin get to learn more about their customers, their choices, and preferences. This helps in bringing about the change in targeting the audience.
  • The admin receives the customer data of who sends query details and the information can be used for marketing campaigns. 

Steps to Integrate Quick Contact Form for Magento 2:

Firstly, you need to Download the Quick Contact Form Plugin for Magento 2.

  • From the Admin Dashboard, move to System -> Configuration.
  • Select Quick Contact from the left menu.
  • Expand the Configuration option and apply the required settings.

configuration quick contact form

Quick Contact – You can enable or disable the module easily from here.

Email ID of Admin – Mention the email ID in which you want to receive email notifications of the query sent.

Email Template – Choose the template of the email for queries sent by customers.

Email Sender – From the dropdown menu select the sender of the email.

Email Subject – Enter the subject line for the email received to the admin.

Background Color – Set the color of the quick contact form in the front end.

Admin Grid to Manage Quick Contact Form for Magento 2:

The Magento 2 Store admin can handle quick contact details from the admin panel using the Quick Contact Manager.

admin grid quick contact form

Admin can view the customer query details from the store backend.

query details admin grid

Frontend View of Quick Contact Form for Magento 2:

A quick contact button is displayed on the store frontend 

frontend quick contact form

Customers can quickly send query details at any time by entering details like name, email address, query information, and even attach up to 5 files for accurate understanding.

quick contact form

Email View of Quick Contact Form for Magento 2:

Admin receives mail for every query with complete details and can reply to customers quickly.

email quick contact form

Final Words:

So the Quick Contact Form Module for Magento 2 can help you a lot in increasing the customer experience of the store. If you want any customization for this module, freely contact us with your requirements.

Happy Reading!

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