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Today we will discover How to Add Conditional Statement in Email Template in Magento 2. 

An email template is a predefined structure of email that includes text or images. Magento 2 admin can even add conditional statements in the email template to make it dynamic.

Let’s look at the steps to learn how to add conditional statement in Magento 2.

Steps to Add Conditional Statement in Email Template in Magento  2:

Step 1: Create blog file “Index.php” at the below path


Then add the code as follows

Step 2: Create controller file “Index.php” at the below-mentioned path


Then add the following code-snippet

Step 3: Create controller file Post.php at the following path


Then add the following code snippet

Step 4: Create an “email_index_index.xml” file for the front side form display at the below path


Then add the below piece of code

Step 5: Create form template “form.phtml” at the below path


Now add the following fragment of code

Step 6: Create an email template layout file  “email_templates.xml” at the following path


Now add the following code

Step 7: Create an email html file “customeremail.html” at the path underneath


Then append the code given below

Step 8: Create template file “productinformation.phtml” for conditional value at the below path


And finally, add the below code


By implementing the above steps, you can easily include conditional statements in Magento 2 email templates. Also, learn How to Customize Email Templates in Magento 2.

If you face any trouble, connect with me through the comment part and I will quickly help you find the solution.

Happy Coding!

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