Magento is the most popular platform for many reasons among B2B and B2C type. Due to its reliability and scalability, it has advanced as a perfect solution for many businesses. 

Since its acquisition by Adobe, Magento has geared up its pace for releasing regular quality and security updates for the Magento community as well as Magento Commerce edition. 

Magento 2.3 release in 2020

Recently, Magento has surprised all the Magento community people and developers with its announcement to release an upgrade of Magento 2, which is Magento 2.4. This new upgrade is supposed to be launched in the first month of 2020.

magento community engineering tweet

Read the official announcement by Magento here.

Magento has been releasing new upgrades every quarter now. In addition to new features, Magento improves and boosts performance and security patches for its platform with a new upgrade release.

Being a Certified team of expert Magento developers, MageComp is always in search of the latest news and updates about the Magento platform. And with announcement news of Magento 2.4 from the Magento, we can surely tell you that there will be tons of new features and improvements. And below are a few things we have found that might interest you. So, let’s get into it.

What to expect from Magento 2.4?

For Magento 2.4, Magento’s team of engineers is working tirelessly, from several months on improving the performance of Magento and the graphQL functionality.

Their R&D team has announced that the GraphQl this time will be highly-performing. And a new concept of the storefront API will be introduced with other fabulous new features, product stability, performance improvements, component upgrades, etc.

magento commerce roadmap tweet

With its wide and strong community, which is quite active in contributing to Magento’s open-source and Commerce edition for better performance of the platform, has been proven powerful and effective for Magento to come up with regular upgrade like upcoming Magento 2.4.0. This leads to continuous improvement in the Magento platform.

With this strong community support, Magento is able to bring to you Magento 2.4 upgrade with a new improved front-end framework and more than 100s of bug fixes.

What things Magento 2.4 upgrade covers: 

  • Highly- performing GraphQL functionality.
  • Full GraphQL coverage will be allowed to admins.
  • A new storefront API concept will be introduced.
  • Improvement in front-end framework.
  • More than 100s of bug fixes.
  • And tons of new features.

With all of these, lots of other features and functions are still to be announced by Magento.

Soon, Magento, with its introduction of Magento 2.4.0, will open new code repositories on GitHub for its contributors to join the community project, where you can share your contributions with other Magento community members.

Magento will stop accepting any new contribution by the Magento community to its existing Github repository.

With this announcement, our (MageComp’s) team is so excited about this upgrade and biting our nails to figure out what new thing Magento 2.4 upgrade will cover. And as soon as we come to know of the full list of features and functions, we will keep you posted.

So, until then, keep reading our useful blogs and tutorials.

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