MageComp is constantly striving to grow and work with like minded people around the globe. We’re always looking for new ideas and innovations from the world of eCommerce.

Apart from working on developing innovative ideas in our own organization we are always looking for new cool ideas from outside as well. At MageComp we like  to engage with new companies to achieve mutual sustainable growth.

We are super excited to announce to our customers that we partnered with For those of you who are new to MageCloud, here’s a brief intro: MageCloud is a PaaS platform created by developers for developers that helps you create Magento stores in mere 3 minutes! It’s an amazing combination of simplicity in implementation and a strong backbone of robust development.

MageComp is fully determined to extend this partnership. MageCloud provides dedicated hosting to any merchant with control over how the site looks, what features it has and how it is managed from backend. The setup takes as little as 3 minutes. So in a few mouse clicks an entire Magento store is created and hosted for any small or large business.

With 100+ free themes and 2500+ extensions to choose from it is pretty awesome to use MageCloud for your business needs. MageComp is also planning to list our own themes over at MageCloud, which will then become available to merchants from all around the world. And of course, if you need any customization, custom built extensions or new themes – our developers at MageComp are always ready to help.

For stores that built on other eCommerce platforms than Magento – an easy migration to Magento is also available through MageCloud.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how MageCloud works:


With MageCloud’s easy installation process our productivity increased five-fold. Our dedicated developers have more time to focus on merchant’s custom needs or enhancements. This gives us an edge over our competitors and lets us focus on things that really matter to our clients.

It’s the start of a great relationship that can only result in happy customers and motivated developers. Both of which are a must in the process of creating perfect solutions in the ever changing eCommerce industry. We are really excited to see this cooperation unfold in the coming months. Stay tuned for more exciting news from MageComp.

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