Here is the post to how to set up the cron jobs for your Magento store. There are several reasons for which you may need to set up the cron and one from them is, it needs to be set up to send the emails from the Magento specially in Magento 1.9.

Few more reasons to set the cron are here:

  1. Cleaning and Adding Catalog Price Rules.
  2. Automated Generation of Sitemaps.
  3. Mailing of Customer Alert Notifications.
  4. Automated Sending of Newsletters and Emails.
  5. Downloading of and update of Currency Exchange Rates.
  6. Automated Log and Database log cleanups.

Here are the simple steps to configure cron for your magento store

  1. Go to cpanel login
  2. Look for Cron section
  3. If you know the path of the cron file in the filemanager, enter the command like below. You can set cron for minutes, hourly, daily, monthly or for weekdays.
    Add a new Cron Job in cPanel for Magento
  4. If you don’t know the file path then use this command and configuration. As said you can schedule the cron as you want, I have configured here to run the cron every 5 minutes.
    How to setup Cron Job in cPanel for Magento

Setting up cron jobs in Magento 2 is as easy as above.
If you still face any problem or need any help, do contact us anytime, we will be happy to help you.


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