MageComp has been the leading providers of Magento extensions, services, customization and other requirements of a Magento store. From Magento store to extension development, testing, store migration, upgrade facilities, we have mastered the niche from daily learning and implementations. Our team of highly skilled developers and marketers, follow agile methods and best practices to develop and vend the module on time. We believe that constant improvement in one’s business leads to higher competition.

We also aim at collaborating with the best Magento oriented platforms to govern the E-commerce world. And have initiated a partnership program in our business that has built healthy relations with many groups till date. Now, it’s time to shake hands with another Magento development company, the FME Extensions. We are grateful in doing the partnership with FME Extensions.

FME Extensions is one of the leading companies of Magento extension development and service provider. Their devoted services for Magento Extension Installation and Magento Custom Development, help you get the best out of your store environment. Their services signify the care they have for their clients. They provide with the best solution one cannot resist to include in their store. Being partners with FME will give us an opportunity to enhance our business in the e-commerce market.

Building a long-term relationship with FME will give us exposure for acquiring more sales and customers. We can freely avail their programs under their Ready, Silver and Gold memberships. They provide us with the best technical solutions that will increase the growth and profitability of the store. Instant deployment of custom extensions at a moderate price is feasible. SEO/SEM, Email Marketing, Optimization, Migration, Analytics, and many other services offered under the FME partnership with economical cost. Customers of both the companies avail benefits within this relationship. Moreover, both the organizations will have the advantage to appear on partners listing page through which they will get more recognition. Hope this partnership will provide a wide range of solutions to many future business problems.

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