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Here, I am sharing with you all the celebration highlights of Magecomp’s 7th Anniversary.

MageComp sprang to life in a small room in 2014. With an unquenchable thirst for success, the company has flourished and boomed in the Magento market at the global level. MageComp has completed 7 successful years and reached the mark of serving 25K+ customers and developed 150+ splendid Magento Extensions. We are extremely happy to announce the 1K milestone of Magecomp Blogs.

MageComp 7th Anniversary Celebration Party Memories 2021

Unlike last year, this year too we were unable to go on a trip to celebrate our Anniversary in order to follow COVID-19 guidelines. Mavengers never fail to celebrate and make memories. The Anniversary Day was full of happiness and joviality. Let me take you on the tour of MageComp’s 7th Anniversary celebration.


Each new beginning and special day is dedicated to the Gods to seek their blessings. In the same way, the day started with a Pooja followed by the distribution of sweets to all.


Cake Cutting Ceremony

Every occasion calls for a cake. Cakes are used to mark milestones. A beautiful, delicious cake was cut by the Company owners with cheers, clapping and balloon pop sounds in the background. Abundant photos were captured where boomerangs added more fun. Thereafter, the team had a delightful lunch together.


1K MageComp Blogs Milestone

A thought on one person’s mind to achieve a 1K milestone. With the team efforts and hard work, we have successfully achieved the 1K MageComp Blogs mark. The celebration doubled up with gratification and pride on everyone’s face.


Fun Games

The employees are usually focused on meeting deadlines and working to make things happen. A day indulging in fun activities can help in reducing such stress even if it is for a while and your body gets rejuvenated to face the next day. Keeping this in mind, we have arranged games like Passing the Parcel, Save your Balloon, and Treasure Hunt.


Some Unknown Facts

The employees were revealed with some of the unknown facts about MageComp, how it all started, the journey, funny moments, and the memories collected in these 7 years. 

Token of Appreciation

Finally, the gifts were distributed to show support and praise for a job well done by all. Everyone departed with a bag full of memories and happy moments to be cherished for a lifetime.


Concluding Words

Hence, the day ended with tired faces but hearts full of happiness. A well-spent day to gear up for the next year. We look forward to many more years of unparalleled success. To join the incredible team of Magecomp, visit our Careers at MageComp. Stay tuned with us!

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