Hello Shopify Friends,

There are multiple ways to create Shopify Apps. In this article, we are going to learn How to Integrate Shopify App with Laravel. Before that have a look at my previous article that states, How to Get Shopify Product Data using Laravel.

Laravel is a web application framework with elegant syntax that simplifies common tasks. Shopify apps are used to add additional features to control and manage the Shopify store. Let’s see how you can Integrate Shopify App with Laravel.

For integrating Laravel with Shopify we are using osiset/laravel-shopify addon in Laravel.

Steps to Integrate Shopify App with Laravel:

Step 1: Run the following composer command in project root or you can clone or download a zip of osiset plugin from, 


and put it in the ‘vendor’ folder of the project.

Following command create ‘osiset’ folder in ‘vendor’ folder

Step 2: Generate Config file:

The following command will create a Shopify configuration file in the ‘config’ folder

Step 3: Copy the API key, API secret key, and app name of your Shopify app and paste it into the Shopify configuration file created in the ‘config’ folder.

Step 4: Use the following Middleware with your routes to access shop data:


Consequently, you can successfully Integrate Shopify App with Laravel. For any doubts and queries, you can ping me in the comment box. Stay with us for upcoming tutorials. 

Happy Coding!

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