The online shopping trend is now modified. Instead of sitting in front of a computer and laptop, people are buying online anytime, anywhere. Yes, I am talking about eCommerce Mobile Apps.

“Mobile Applications are people’s new favorite aspect for buying online.”

The following Mobile statistics prove it,

  • 53.96% of website traffic arises from mobile devices. (clearbridgemobile)
  • 92.5% of time spent on a mobile phone is spent using mobile apps. (clearbridgemobile)
  • Out of the total smartphone users, 79% of people have shopped using a mobile device. (outerboxdesign)
  • 69.4% of users use mobile shopping apps on their smartphones. (emizentech)
  • 54% of buyers expect physical stores to offer a mobile app. (emizentech)

This shows that avoiding mobile apps makes no sense. Having an eCommerce Mobile App will bring in benefits like better customer experience, increase in conversions, more sales, and customer loyalty.

Do you already have a mobile app but are unable to generate sales and traffic out of it? In this article, I will share some effective tips to get the most out of your mobile shopping app.

Tips to Boost Sales with Mobile App

Execute App Store Optimization (ASO)

Marketing your mobile app is very important. One of the best ways to promote your mobile app is by optimizing your app for the app store. As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is performed for websites, App Store Optimization (ASO) is performed for mobile apps. ASO will help users to find you with relevant keywords and categories. This will lead to an increasing number of downloads for your mobile app.

Establish a Landing Page

A landing page is an effective way to elevate your mobile app. A landing page describes the features and functionality of the mobile app with an attractive user interface. Its main objective is to drive users to download your app. Adding elements like catchy call-to-action buttons, discounts, and rewards, and subscribe buttons can encourage users to install your app.

Power of Email Marketing

Even with the growth of new technologies, email marketing has not gone anywhere. Announce your app in the emails and provide a download link for the app. Email campaigns include special offers and new services that help in the growth of the business, increase conversions and boost sales. Send regular newsletters to build customer relations. Also, you can leverage promotional emails by offering discounts on purchases.

Emphasize Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another effective way to promote your eCommerce app. Influencers have a high fan following which will help in reaching your app to more customers. People are more convinced by the experience of influencers. The higher the trust of the people in the influencer, the higher traffic you can generate to your app.

Reward your Loyal Customers

Customers who buy from you frequently must be rewarded otherwise they will gradually leave you. You can offer reward points on every purchase. You can also offer discount coupons on products and services.

Provide Personalized Experience

Personalization has always been king. Provide tailor-made messages to customers while promoting your app. When a customer is active on your app, you can provide personal recommendations for purchases based on their previous purchases. For this, you need to analyze user purchasing patterns.

Final Say:

If you do not offer a mobile-friendly experience you will drive away potential customers. But it is not everything to have an eCommerce Mobile App. You have to constantly promote your mobile app to bring traffic and conversions to your business. Hope these tips will take you in the right direction for mobile app promotion.

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