The eCommerce world is advancing daily. New eCommerce websites are being launched at a very high rate. With such a high number of eCommerce websites emerging around us, it has become very difficult for customers to trust and choose one out of them.

In such cases, the parameters of social proof help customers make their decisions easily. There are multiple social proof parameters, and product reviews are one of them. Product reviews act as a reflection of your store. How popular is your store? Are customers satisfied with your products/services or not? Customer reviews help new visitors get answers to these questions.

Default Magento 2 website allows its customers to add reviews and testimonials about the products, but if a store has a huge product catalog, then it becomes difficult for the business admin to add customer reviews to the respective products. That is why MageComp has developed a solution to this problem, the Magento 2 Import Export Product Reviews module, that allows admins to import export product reviews in Magento 2 store in bulk.

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How to Leverage Social Proof?

Importance of Product Reviews in Magento 2 Store

Customers’ product reviews convey a lot about your products and online store. These positive sentences can highly impact your store’s sales, conversion rates and customer loyalty. The product reviews stand as a supportive wall for your business and business products.

1. Attracts more sales

As stated above, customers’ reviews act as social proof for the business. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that underlies how individuals form judgments and choices, drawing upon the behaviors of a larger collective. Specifically, when considering a purchase, the phenomenon manifests as a reliance on the positive experiences shared by fellow customers.

This collection of promising and positive reviews strengthens the belief that opting for a well-regarded product is a sound decision. Fundamentally, individuals seek authentic peer validation rather than being swayed solely by brand-driven promotions.

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2. Trust builder

Based on statistics, the global count of active eCommerce websites is estimated to range between 12 to 24 million. This immense number has a diverse collection of eCommerce website types, each containing numerous individual websites. Establishing trust becomes a paramount challenge in a landscape with various online platforms. This is where the significance of product reviews comes into play, serving as crucial guides for potential customers navigating this expansive digital marketplace.

One research highlights the key role of customer reviews in shaping consumer trust. Astonishingly, a substantial 63% of customers place their faith in a brand, swayed by the collective sentiment of other customers as expressed through reviews. In this context, the power of reviews to influence purchasing decisions and cultivate brand credibility cannot be overstated.

3. Beneficial for SEO

Seeing their websites rank on the SERPs is a universal goal for every eCommerce business. Yet, establishing an SEO-friendly online presence demands substantial time and effort. The silver lining lies in the potential of customer reviews to propel your mission forward effortlessly.

Harnessing the power of customer reviews brings a dual advantage. These reviews commonly incorporate keywords, including product names, thereby augmenting the online landscape tied to your brand. This activity is beneficial in two ways:

  • Your brand gains more visibility when internet users explore keywords associated with your business
  • The spotlight shines on your positive reviews, amplifying their impact on potential customers.

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4. Help customers with better decision-making

Making a good decision when buying from a new website is tough, especially for first-time visitors. They worry about how the product will arrive and whether it’ll be good. To figure this out, visitors check out the stuff the website sells, read what other customers say, and compare it with similar products from different sellers. And when doing all this, they usually pay the most attention to product reviews. Reviews are helpful because they tell about real customers’ experiences with the product. That’s why visitors like them the most.

5. Helpful in problem-solving

No eCommerce website has ever existed with 100% positive reviews. No website is perfect. However, business admins should know that the negative reviews are the ones that attract the new visitors the most.

When these negative reviews point out a specific problem on your site, it’s an opportunity to take care of it and fix it. This makes customers feel special because their review led to a positive change on the site, benefiting other shoppers afterward. As a result, customer loyalty grows as they see you genuinely care about their satisfaction.

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Magento 2 Review Reminder Extension

How to Import & Export Product Reviews in Magento 2 Store?

Before moving further with the configuration process, you are first required to install the Magento 2 Import and Export Product Reviews extension into your Magento 2 store.

1. General Configuration

After the installation process, go to Store > Configuration.

How to Import & Export Product Reviews in Magento 2

  • Reviews Import – You can Enable or Disable the extension from this field.
  • Import CSV – Choose the CSV file with product reviews for bulk product review importing.
  • Export – By selecting this option, you can easily export a CSV file of all product reviews.

2. Imported Reviews in the Backend

How to Import & Export Product Reviews in Magento 2

After importing the CSV file of product reviews, the list of imported reviews will be visible in the store’s backend sections.

Admins can easily edit, add or delete product reviews from the backend grid. Also, admins can delete product reviews in bulk.


This was it. Now you know how important product reviews are for an eCommerce store and how seamlessly you can integrate the Magento 2 import export product reviews extension into your Magento 2 store and benefit your business.

Hope you found this article useful. If you have any queries with this extension, kindly contact us or ping us on our official Facebook page.

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