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Are you thinking of today’s topic? Let me help you today we are going to learn How to upload product animated GIF images in Magento 2? Also, go through our latest article where we elaborate our very well spent anniversary celebration MageComp 6th Anniversary Celebration Highlights. Let’s Dive In?

What are Animated GIF Images?

Starting with the full form of GIF it stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is the latest trending images used in websites, social media platforms and software programs. The GIF is a special image that displays animations in a single image file. 

Why are Animated GIF Images used in Magento 2?

Mainly animated GIF is used for displaying your product images precisely. The Animated GIF image displays your product images on all 360 sides. As we all know that customers will always prefer to review animated images instead of reading big descriptions. Therefore, for a better perspective view of your product page image one should use Animated GIF images.

Problems faced in uploading? Animated GIF in Magento 2.

When uploading Animated Gif Image in Magento 2 you will notice that after the upload of the Animated GIF in Magento 2 the animation is lost during the frontend display. Or the website is taking many loads in loading. Many other problems were raised to us by our customers. Follow the given below steps to overcome this problem.

Steps to upload product animated GIF images in Magento 2?

Step 1: Download the Magento 2 Product Animated GIF.

Step 2: Install the Product Animated GIF for Magento 2 extension.

Step 3: After the installation just enable the extension as given below. Now, after the enable of the extension you are ready to use the features of the module.

Step 4: Product Animated GIF images on the product page at the backend. Admin needs to upload the Animated GIF images for their product page from here.

Step 5: Display the animated GIF product image in the frontend of your store.

That’s It 

Benefits of Magento 2 Product Animated GIF

There are many advantages to Magento 2 Product Animated GIF. The main benefit is the users will be attracted to your store. Customers can view your product from all 360 sides and will be more interested in buying the product. Overall, the conservation rate will be increased and will boost your business growth. What are you waiting for? Install the Magento 2 Product Animated GIF now.


Hopefully, all are able to upload Animated Image in Magento 2 with the help of the above illustration. In case of any difficulties contact our Support Team. Don’t forget to help your business friends to upload Animated Image in Magento 2 by sharing this article with them. Your valuable comments in the comment section below will be appreciable.

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