The reason behind popularity of Magento is, it keeps updating by means of providing new features and security updates to make Magento stores secured from potential attacks. Keeping up to date with Magento is important in order to leverage new features and most importantly to safeguard your Magento stores.

Today we are going to learn steps to Update Magento in detail:

Before you begin upgrading Magento:

  • Don’t forget to take backup of both files and database. It helps to restore data in case of crash while performing upgrade.
  • Deeply go through version notes to better understand the reason behind upgrade and changes introduced with the update.
  • Try updating Magento in staging version prior to upgrading the live site. It helps compatibility of the store with the newer version.
  • Prefer a time when you have least traffic on your site.

Methods for Magento Upgrade:

There are two methods one of which you can use to upgrade your Magento:

  1. Magento Connect
    • Log in to Magento Connect. Go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.
    • Select preferred state as stable in Settings tab than click on check for upgrade button in extensions tab.
    • It is possible that there would not be pear package available in Magento connect, it’s because you have no package xml files inside your var/package or someone might have removed it. You need to place it from current version.
    • Click on Mage_All_Latest:, check on clear session after successfully upgraded.
    • Click on commit changes.
  2. Manually Copy latest version ( and paste into current Magento root directory and you’re done.

Note: If you are using 1.4.1 or earlier version, you first need to upgrade to 1.4.2 and then you can upgrade to any higher version directly.

More steps for Magento Updates or higher version:

If you have performed Magento update for or higher version, you need to upgrade Magento extensions as well to make compatible with SUPEE 6788.
Apart from following Magento upgrade steps, you need to additionally follow below steps:

  • After Magento version upgrade, customers will not be able to log in to the account as the installed theme does not support a variable called form_key. To make it work, add the following code snipped after
    to every of your login.phtml for theme:
  • Shopping cart does not update of the product quantity after you upgrade Magento to version. Place the below code to your app/design/frontend/yourthemepackage/yourtheme/template/checkout/cart.phtml file:
  • If you are using blocks to display something in frontend, it will stop working as after updating Magento, custom blocks have lost the permissions to support upgrade. Go to System -> Permisson -> Blocks and allow permission for all of your custom blocks to make it displayed on frontend.

Tell how tricky it was for you to upgrade Magento and how this blog helped you to ease your work. If you are still facing any issue, comment below to get our help.


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