Happy Birthday, Magento – a wonderful invention for the eCommerce world!

Initially released on 31st March 2008, today Magento completes 14 years of its successful journey. In the beginning, Magento was owned by Varien wherein now it has been acquired by Adobe.

Available on two platforms Magento Open Source or Magento Community Edition and Magento Commerce or Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento is a versatile, fully functional eCommerce platform that allows customizing according to the needs.

Since the release of Magento, the platform has been continuously upgrading to provide the community with advanced features and accelerate the eCommerce performance. The latest Magento version for Open Source and Magento Commerce is Magento 2.4.3. The new Magento 2.4.4 beta version is out and its general availability is expected on 12th April, 2022.

Let’s look at how MageComp celebrated the 14th Birthday of Magento.

Let us move on to find out the insights of Magento Experts

Expert Notes on Magento

On the occasion of Magento’s 14th birthday, we reached out to the experts of the Magento industry and solicited them to express their views on the Magento platform. Let’s look at what they have to say

Joseph Maxwell – Founder of SwiftOtter

Joseph Maxwell

“The Magento Community is absolutely incredible—and it continues as strong as ever even through the difficult years where COVID prevented in-person gatherings. In my observation, Adobe is listening to the community and taking the advice of the Open Source Task Force and changes are being formulated. The future of Magento is bright and I am very privileged to be part of it.

My frank opinion is that Magento will maintain its strength and relevance for at least 3 to 5 years provided this trajectory is maintained. 

That said, one of the greatest weaknesses of the platform is its complexity. How do we overcome this? Training. My recommendation is to learn and get certified. The more capable and quality developers out there that are building high-end websites, the more prominent the Magento platform becomes.

Let’s keep together and make this the best years of our careers!”

We are grateful for the inspiring words by Joseph Maxwell. Hope everyone is encouraged and together we can build a great Magento community.

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Vijay Golani – Co-Founder and Solution Architect, Evrig


“I would say Magento is reaching to new height every year. There is some discussion happening between the open source and commerce version but I can see that there is a strong Magento Community which helps to keep alive Magento Open Source for many years for sure.

If we look into Magento Capability, I can see that lots of inquiries in the market about building Marketplace on Magento so that is a good sign that platform is strong enough to manage those types of complex requirements.

There were complaints that Magento Performance has issues but now if you look at Hyva themes, it has solved that problem. So Magento + Hyva is a future trend for sure.”

Much obliged by your motivating words, Vijay Golani. Looking ahead to a flourishing future with Magento.

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Brent Peterson – eCommerce Solutions Specialist

Brent Peterson

“We will see 1000’s of Magento merchants adopt the Hyva.io theme in the coming months and years and realize a vast site performance by simply changing the theme on their website. Google Lighthouse scores are going to impact how everyone looks at their website.

Conversational commerce and composable commerce are going to help Adobe Commerce continue to grow as well as PWA studio.

The Magento core code will become easier to deploy because it will become less complex. This is happening by removing 3rd party bundled modules and allowing only Magento core features. By doing this merchants will achieve a greater ROI on their investment in Magento. The Magento Open Source version continues to be a strong solution for all merchants and the Long Term Support of Magento Open Source is well into the later part of the 2020’s.

I am very excited about the community driven efforts on Short Term Support and we will see innovation and experimentation on the platform in the STS version of Magento. This will also bring new core functionality into the Adobe Commerce version which will include performance increases.”

Looking at the notes by Brent Peterson, we can say that Magento has a very bright and prosperous future.

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James Cowie – Chief Technology Officer | Shero Commerce

James Cowie

“Magento is going through an interesting period of change right now, However its solid foundation still remains the best option for growth in the e-commerce market. It still offers the maximum level of sustainability with upgrades, extensions and custom integrations that very few other frameworks can provide. The community is still as active as ever with training courses, Hyva and AWS solutions that compliment and future proof Magento for hopefully another 14 years.”

Looking at your notes, James Cowie, we are really excited about the golden future of Magento.

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MageComp – A Magento Development Company

MageComp has been working on the Magento platform for 8+ years providing the Magento store owners with best-in-class services and products. We have mastered all the intricacies of the Magento platform. We have a set of Magento 1 Extensions and Magento 2 Extensions that help merchants to include additional functionality and smoothen the shopping experience of their store customers.

Our certified Magento developers provide the merchants with qualitative Magento Development services that includes upgrades, migration, custom development, 3rd party integration, optimization, and more in a brief time. Apart from this, we also share Magento tutorials to help the developers to find a quick solution to their queries.

Besides Magento, we also work with Shopify, WooCommerce, Mobile App Development, and Search Engine Optimization.

Final Words

Magento is booming year by year and we look forward to stronger growth in the coming years. Come on, all the Magento lovers, let’s get the party started and celebrate this day with a bang!

The entire team of MageComp gives Three cheers to Magento – “Hip hip hooray” 

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