Having an online marketing strategy isn’t just about doing the SEO work, it’s also about doing social media marketing and if you have the budget, doing online advertising, like Google Shopping. Google Shopping has been launched as a part of Google’s commitment to getting better at displaying search results from internet retailers. This means that you can now advertise and rank high on Google Search Results for your products. 

These shopping ads are doing pretty well in terms of increasing visibility and creating traffic. If you are an e-commerce business owner looking for ways to generate leads and increase sales, then surely this is the right strategy for you, or Google Ads Professional can help you drive qualitative and potential traffic to your website. Having the right strategy in place can make the difference between successful shopping ads that create conversions to sales and ads that fall flat. Before starting look into the Ultimate Guide for Google Shopping Ads to be thoroughly aware of it.

7 Google Shopping Ads Strategies for E-commerce

Here are 7 strategies used by successful merchants:

They choose keywords wisely

If you want to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and get excellent visibility for your store, then it pays if you select the right keywords using a keyword research tool. Keywords are integral to the process of being searchable online and they can make or break your rankings on Google as well. This is particularly true of local keyword tags and you should not neglect your local keyword use as well as your more general keywords and phrases.

You need to do keyword research and boost your rankings for these keywords. If you have to compete with big players using the same keywords, then try coming up with new related keywords that can help search engines understand more or less about your product. You can try to figure out what keywords are the best ones for your business by doing your own Google searches, but this can be time-consuming and frustrating.

There are many tools that can help you to collect the right keywords for your needs, but you might also consider working with a company that specializes in searching for high-ranked keywords and keyword phrases that can allow you to improve your overall online presence. Ranking high in searches as well as being sure that you will be connected with the product niche and market often comes down to effective keyword use.

Blog posts, product descriptions, landing page language, and even meta tags can all be used to create tags that Google will recognize. The better your use of keywords in all of your social media and website language, the more likely you are to rank well in Google searches. Focusing some effort on local keyword phrases and tags will also make your business more visible and Google will rank your site higher automatically once it knows where you are located.

They know what they are advertising

If you sell different items and offer a wide variety of products in one category, such as books, clothing, shoes, or even CD’s, it is wise to create specific ads for each item instead of just putting everything together into one ad group. Ad groups are hard to target if they are too generic. After all, not everyone who loves books also loves shoes!

Creating unique ad groups makes it easy for Google to place relevant results from your website on its sponsored links pages for any customer inquiry. Yet at the same time, this won’t make customers confused because there are also other similar items on display. They use Adwords Conversion Tracking and Goals.

If you want to know which of your strategies is working for you, then it’s important that you make use of Google Conversion Tracking. This way you’ll also be able to track the ROI from your PPC campaigns. Use a tool like DradisBox Analytics for this purpose or download the free version of ProfitWell. You can track all your conversion rates in one dashboard and use these metrics to tweak your ads strategy efficiently.

They create an online brand 

It may sound difficult but if you’re not doing so already, try building a brand name instead of just creating generic ads that could easily have been placed by any company. There are several ways to do this such as adding logos on your landing pages, using unique domain names, and building a brand personality to name a few. 

Branding is about more than just picking the right company name and making a nice logo. You also need to connect your business to the beliefs, social causes, and other important values that your consumers care about. Being recognizable about a brand is just as much about being connected with good values as it is about being sure that people will know what you sell when they see your logo or hear your business name.

Branding has become increasingly connected with causes and with social justice, and most companies that do not make the effort to connect their brand messaging with these kinds of values will find that they are missing out on conversions, impressions, and lots of sales. Make sure that your branding efforts are not just about colors, fonts, and names. You should always be sure that your future customers can see what you stand for as an organization loud and clear when they interact with your company.

They use Showcase Shopping ads

If you want to improve your business online and turn more customers into loyal buyers, then make sure not to miss this opportunity by creating showcase shopping ads that highlight several products together. This will allow searchers to compare prices from different vendors at one glance without the need of visiting each individual store page. 

You can also create special deals for showcase Shopping Ads which means more clicks, conversions, and sales. They optimize their landing pages using call-to-action buttons and custom text. Call-to-action phrases and buttons can create big results for some kinds of products and marketing with these tactics can be a big help.

When searchers click on your product ad through Google Search results or in the Google Product Listing Ads, they are taken directly to your main store page where they have just an image and some other information about the product. 

showcase shopping ads

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For them to click on further or buy, they need a clear message telling what you want them to do next. You can use call-to-action buttons that will prompt visitors to take a defined action such as “Shop Now”, “Get it Free” or even “Buy”. 

Let’s say you sell home decor products. When customers see your Google Shopping ad and follow the link into your store page, then try using custom text for each of the products to help people understand which of these items is best for them by providing complete and relevant details. Doing so increases customer engagement helps increase sales and reduces cart abandonment rates.

They are aware of the trends in search

Researchers have uncovered some interesting facts about Google Shopping Ads. They found out that the more information there is on a web page, then the higher chance of people doing more searches through Google to find out more about the product in question. 

This obviously means that your landing pages should include as many descriptive details about each item such as size, color, and material to help increase customer engagement. Searches that are done on Google evolve over time, and just like proper keyword research, you need to stay on top of the search values and language that are being used to look for products that are sold in your niche or market.

If people have begun searching for items that you sell with different product descriptions or names associated with these searches, you need to update your advertising language as well as your keywords and phrases to keep up with this change. Language related to search values can change drastically over time, and you do not want to be left behind the changing times.

People’s interests might not actually be shifting if you have seen a reduction in engagement with your brand’s online presence. You should always see what the current related trends are in searches before you assume that your products have become irrelevant or less popular. In many cases, the search values that people are using are the only thing that has changed, which is an easy factor to compensate for.

They use a tool to monitor their competitors

If you are interested in finding out what your competition is doing and how they handle their Google Shopping campaigns, then download the free version of ProfitWell. This way you will be able to track them in one dashboard and see in which areas you’re ahead or behind them. 

They create specific landing pages for each product group. There’s no point just creating an ad if there’s nothing to back up your claims! If you want more customers through your doors, try using optimized landing pages specially designed for that category only such as shoes or furniture, etc.  

Competition often guides decisions that are made related to ads or even product language, and you need to be aware of what is working well for your competitors so that you can best them at their own game. This might sound like it will be a lot of work, but mostly this activity is just about keeping up with trends and making sure that you are responding to market shifts with your own adjustments. Losing out on sales simply because you have missed out on a key alteration to ad language or ad style that is sweeping through your niche would be silly.

It is often really easy to track the behavior of your competitors even just by taking a look at what they are up to on their sites and landing pages, so having a tool to help you reduce this work down to the most important details can be a big help. You will be able to react to these shifts in real-time if you use the right tools to your advantage and you will find that keeping up with your competition has never been easier.

This way you will be able to provide more details about the products shown in your ads, engage visitors into clicking further, and ultimately doing a conversion.

They use a Google Ads agency

If you want to be as effective as possible, then make sure that your online PPC campaign is handled by a Google Ads agency.  The reason why you should be using an agency is that they’re experienced experts who have the right knowledge, tools, and resources to help you get a high return on your ad spend. 

Ad agencies will be able to course correct, increase relevant content production, and make sure that keywords and other languages in your ads and on your website are correct. This can help you to be more visible and to get more bang for your buck from your ad campaigns. Many of these businesses also know how to reduce wasted ad spend and they will help you to optimize your ad strategies and part with campaigns that are just not delivering results.

It can be hard to run your business and also run a thorough ad campaign, which is why it is usually better to hand off this important task to someone else. The best part is that you can easily create multiple accounts with one agency. To know more about this, read our article Google Shopping Campaign Tips for e-Commerce.

Being More Successful With Your Google Ads Strategies

google shopping ads strategies

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To conclude, if you want to be more successful then make sure that you follow these Google Shopping Ads strategies to drive sales, convert more clicks, and leads.

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