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Latest News – The Google Page Experience Update will not launch in May 2021. Yes, you read it right. In this article, I will brief you on everything you need to know about why Google postpones page experience update and which is the next scheduled date.

Google ranking system sort billions of results show the most relevant results to the user’s search query within seconds. This ranking system is made up of series of algorithms. These algorithms are based on many factors. Websites should include quality content in order to meet Google’s standards.

One such Google algorithm is Page Experience Update. The Google Page Experience Update was scheduled to launch in May 2021. This was postponed and now, The Google Page Experience Update will gradually roll out in mid-June 2021 and will be fully live at the end of August 2021.

Gradual rollout starting in mid-June this year

Google Page Experience Update will be effective as a part of the ranking system from mid-June 2021. The Page Experience Update will not be fully operative till August 2021. Google says, “You can consider it as adding flavor to the recipe gradually instead of adding flavor all at once.”

This update is designed to highlight pages that have a higher user experience. As this update will be rolled out gradually, Google will be able to observe and supervise any unforeseen issues. In addition to this, the gradual roll-out of Page Experience Update will give website owners to undertake improvements keeping in mind the Page Experience.

What will be included in the update?

The Page Experience Update will consider various page experience signals, including Core Web Vitals metrics – LCP, FID, CLS. Apart from this, the Top Stories on Google will include news content if it meets the Google News Policy. This means AMP format is no longer required and any page is eligible for Top Stories carousel regardless of Core Web Vitals score and page experience status.

With the Page Experience update, Google is expanding the usage of non-AMP format pages to strengthen the experience on news.google.com and Google News App. Moreover, the AMP badge icon will no longer be shown to indicate AMP content with the rollout of page experience update.

A new Page Experience report in Search Console

The Google Search Console includes a Page experience report to get more insights. This report shows Core Web Vitals score along with other components like mobile-friendliness, security issues, HTTPS security. You can quickly evaluate page experience with page experience good URLs percentage and search impressions.

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Support for signed exchanges for all content on Google Search

Signed Exchanges (SXG) on Google will now be supported for all web pages. Previously SXG was supported only for the built-in AMP framework. With this update the key resources of the page like HTML, Javascript will load faster resulting in a faster display of pages.

Final Say:

These updates will make it easier for all the website owners to build great sites in order to meet the updated criteria. Get the right tool and resources to build your website before the Page Experience Update rollout from mid-June 2021.

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