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In today’s blog file, I will explain How to Generate a QR Code in Laravel 9.

QR code can be a valuable addition to your Laravel project. Assigning a QR code to each product helps to efficiently manage inventory and simplify the tracking process.

Creating a QR code in Laravel 9 can be achieved using a package called “Simple-QR-Code.” This package provides a simple and straightforward way to generate QR codes for various content types. Here, I’ll guide you through the process step by step. 

Steps to Generate QR Code in Laravel 9:

Step 1: Create a Laravel project using the below command

Step 2: Now install the package simplesoftwareio/simple-qrcode to generate the QR code

Use the below command 

Step 3: Add the below lines in the service provider

And aliases in config/app.php

Step 4: Create one route in the web.php file and create one blade file in the view folder to show the QR code

path – routes/web.php 

path – resources/views/welcome.blade.php

Now, you can run it in your browser and check it. 


QR code

Step 5: You can change the color of the QR code using the below code 


QR code color


Hence, using the above method, you can easily generate a QR code in your Laravel 9 application and change its color as per your requirement. If you have any doubts about generating the QR code for your Laravel application, let me know through the comment section, or you can connect with experienced Laravel Developers to further customize QR codes for your Laravel project.

Happy Coding!

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