The eCommerce market is becoming more and more competitive with each passing day, making it even harder for eCommerce admins to find the exact ways to stay ahead of this highly competitive crowd. However, staying ahead of the curve is most commonly associated with equipping your online store with the right features and tools.

Apart from all other eCommerce admins, Magento 2 store admins are the most benefited in these cases, as they are exposed to a plethora of Magento 2 extensions that offer enhanced functionality and customization options to boost their store performance.

But, today in this article, we will be unveiling the vast range of free hidden gems crafted by the developer community on GitHub. The free Magento 2 extensions available on GitHub are meticulously curated to empower merchants with tools for seamless operations, enhanced user experience, and increased conversion rates.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a web-based platform used for version control and collaboration on software development projects. It allows developers to host, review, and manage code repositories, facilitating team collaboration through features like issue tracking, pull requests, and project management tools.

With its widespread adoption and integration with popular development tools, GitHub has become a cornerstone of modern software development workflows, enabling developers to work together on projects of any scale efficiently.

Best Free Magento 2 Extensions on GitHub

1. Magento 2 ChatGPT AI Content Generator Extension

As we know that AI is the future, making your Magento 2 store highly compatible with this insanely fast-paced technology is very important. The Magento 2 ChatGPT AI Content Generator by MageComp is an extension that integrates the technology of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the Magento 2 store.

It enables admins to generate SEO-rich product descriptions and metadata automatically. Leveraging the power of AI, it streamlines content creation processes, saving time and effort while maintaining consistency and relevance. This tool enhances Magento 2 websites by ensuring engaging and informative content for customers.

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  • Generates high-quality metadata for storing products
  • OpenAI API generates the content.
  • Auto generates unique meta titles instantly.
  • Create products’ meta keywords automatically.
  • Generates SEO-compliant metadata automatically.
  • Helps admins to leverage SEO benefits with dynamic content generation.

Developer: MageComp

2. Magento 2 Cookie Law Extension

Every eCommerce website uses cookies to track its users and display the related ads to the customers so that they do not forget about the specific websites. Magento 2 Cookie Law Extension by MageComp provides customizable cookie consent banners that inform visitors about the use of cookies and obtain their consent.

This extension allows for easy configuration of cookie settings, including cookie types, duration, and user consent preferences, ensuring adherence to data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA within the Magento 2 platform.

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  • Allows admins to compose a custom message asking for the customers’ cookie consent.
  • Admins can add a cookie policy link.
  • Adjust the position of the cookie consent box.
  • Meta Pixel and GA are integrated by default.
  • Hyva Addon Available

Developer: MageComp

3. Magento 2 Security Extension

Security has been the biggest and the most significant concern while running an online business. Also, digital advancement has increased the number of spammy bots attacking websites and hindering the store’s analytics.

To solve this issue at no cost, Mageplaza has developed an extension named Magento 2 Security extension that allows business admins to detect the IP addresses that are attacking the website intentionally, providing the admins ample amount of time to take preventive measures by blocking those IP addresses along with the feature of sending warning emails to the admin.


  • Admins are provided with a security checklist that assists them in finding insecure factors.
  • The extension is compatible with API/GraphQl.
  • It supports protection against brute force attacks and prevents any unauthorized access to the website.
  • Provides a record of login attempts to the admins.
  • Identifies the file changes if any suspicious activities.
  • Also tracks admin records
  • Away mode activation to block any login attempts.

Developer: Mageplaza

4. Magento 2 Top Bar Notification

Communication is the key aspect of building a strong relationship with the customer. But with this, an admin also has to be careful in communicating with the customers without frustrating them. The tactic of showing popups is long gone and hated by customers. So, in such cases, showing a notification bar on the top before the website’s actual content has come out to be much more helpful.

Magento 2 Top Bar Notification extension by Magenable is one useful extension that allows admins to add notification bars on their website pages above the content easily. Displaying the important information in these notification bars keeps customers engaged and boosts the store’s sales ratio.


  • Allows admins to display the latest store news, offers, and deals attractively.
  • Admins can manage multiple notification bars effortlessly.
  • Provides customizable notification bars.
  • Admins can display the notification bar on multiple CMS pages easily.

Developer: Magenable

5. Magento 2 Free Shipping Admin Extension

Just as the name suggests, MageVision’s Magento 2 Free Shipping Admin Extension simplifies setting up free shipping rules within the Magento 2 admin panel. It enables administrators to configure various conditions such as minimum order amount, specific customer groups, or product attributes to qualify for free shipping.

This extension streamlines the process of managing free shipping promotions, enhancing the user experience, and boosting sales for online stores powered by Magento 2.


  • Free shipping is available only for backend users
  • Features stay hidden from the front-end users.
  • Developed by Magento certified developer
  • Simple installation
  • 100% open-source

Developer: MageVision

6. Magento 2 Custom Customer Info Extension

The more information an admin has about their customers, the more effective measures they can take in giving them the services they like. Magento 2 Custom Customer Info Extension by Landofcoder is a plugin that allows admins to add extra information fields like customers’ social media handles, additional contact numbers, the feature of allowing them to create their own avatars, etc. This helps admins collect additional customer information and use them to elevate their user experiences.


  • Allows admins to collect more customer information
  • Choose which custom info field to hide from customers.
  • Set custom input data for the custom customer info fields.
  • Determine the order of the custom fields to display on the front end.
  • Enables admins to provide a smoother user experience.

Developer: Landofcoder

7. Magento 2 SEO Suite Extension

The Magento 2 SEO Suite Extension by MagePsycho is an all-in-one comprehensive tool designed to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities of Magento 2 stores. It provides features such as advanced meta tags management, canonical URLs, rich snippets, XML sitemap generation, and SEO-friendly URLs.

This extension helps optimize website visibility, improve rankings on search engine results pages, and drive organic traffic to Magento 2 e-commerce sites.


  • Adds canonical URLs to multiple CMS pages like the Contact Us page.
  • Removes non-canonical product URLs from the sitemap.xml
  • Offers admins to create HTML sitemap
  • Enables SEO pagination using meta tags like rel=”prev” and rel=”next”.
  • Adds “NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW” meta robots to pages like /checkout, /customer, and /catalogsearch

Developer: MagePsycho

8. Magento 2 Product PDF File Attachment Extension

MagePsycho’s Magento 2 Product PDF File Attachment Extension enables merchants to seamlessly attach PDF files to product pages for customers to download.

This extension enhances product information by providing detailed specifications, manuals, or guides directly accessible to users. It improves customer experience by offering valuable resources, aiding in informed purchasing decisions, and promoting product transparency.


  • Admins can easily enable/disable the extension
  • Allows admins to attach files in different formats like jpg, pdf, doc, zip, etc.
  • Easy configuration of attachment labels.

Developer: MagePsycho

9. Magento 2 Coupon Generation Extension

Offering attractive discounting coupons and gift vouchers has always been one of the best customer retention strategies for both offline and online businesses. The Magento 2 Coupon Generation Extension is a powerful tool designed to enhance the promotional strategies of eCommerce stores.

It allows merchants to effortlessly generate and manage multiple discount coupons in bulk, automating the process of coupon creation. This extension offers customizable options for coupon codes, including setting expiration dates, usage limits, and conditions, significantly improving customer engagement and boosting sales by offering personalized deals and discounts.


  • Generates unique coupon code links automatically.
  • Coupon codes can be easily copied and shared.
  • Can apply coupon codes just by applying the URLs.
  • Display success and error messages as per the matched criteria.
  • Improve user experience at checkout.

Developer: Landofcoder

10. Magento 2 Social Login Extension

The use of social media platforms has skyrocketed in the past decade. Increasing its necessity of allowing customers to log in to websites with their social media credentials, eliminating the need to memorize new credentials every time they visit a new website.

The Magento 2 Social Login Extension by Landofcoder is a powerful tool that enables online store owners to simplify the login process for their customers by allowing them to sign in using their existing social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more.

This not only enhances user experience by reducing the need for remembering multiple passwords but also streamlines the registration process, potentially increasing conversion rates and customer engagement for e-commerce businesses.


  • Customers can log into websites with their social media accounts.
  • Allows admins to display the social login options on various pages.
  • Supports major social media channels, like Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.
  • Boosts signup rates effectively.
  • Helps admins in collecting additional user data.
  • Provides secure social login process.

Developer: Landofcoder

Bottom Line

At the bottom line of this informative listicle, GitHub is your go-to solution for the latest and highly featureful Magento 2 extensions without breaking the bank. These amazing open-source, free Magento 2 extensions are surely a must-try for your Magento 2 store.

Hope you found the answers to your queries in this informative listicle. If you need any further assistance with Magento 2 extensions or want to build a custom extension for your Magento 2 store, kindly contact us to discuss your requirements, and our Magento 2 experts will guide you through your entire journey.

Thank you for reading!

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