The business logo is something that makes you stand for either it is store, email, banners or anything. And Magento is constantly working towards improving & topping new ranges to features so can be always the first pick for the store owners.

Recently on 4th May, Magento has released its new version Magento 2.2.4 with some new cool features. But no system is perfect, with tons of new features there are also minor bugs that can be resolved in future but as of now, we need to fix it manually with a power of the small piece of code. We came across the news that lots of people are facing an issue while uploading a logo from store backend and even lots of customer asked for the same in messages and email. So, we decided to write a blog on fixing an error while uploading a logo from admin backend of Magento 2.2.4.

Basically while uploading logo via admin panel and click on save configuration button at that time it throws an exception like…
Well. it’s the Magento issue! for that, we have to change the code of Magento\Email\Model\AbstractTemplate setForcedArea method.
Simply navigate to magento-root\vendor\magento\module-email\Model\AbstractTemplate.php and Replace that method code with following.

Don’t forget to smash that stars if the code works for you and comment down below if you are looking for a help regarding this code.
Happy Fixing!

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