Magento is one of the most adopted eCommerce platforms across the world. With more than 250,000 merchants worldwide, the platform is widely adopted by B2C and B2B businesses worldwide. The reason why Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms is that it provides growth to merchants.

For instance, in a survey, it was found that merchants that use Magento grow 3 times faster than merchants of any other eCommerce platforms! The reason for that is their scalability, their flexibility and their inclusivity of all types of businesses. The platform also provides businesses the ability to provide optimum personalization and customization options to store owners.

Latest updates in the Magento e-commerce platform:

Magento is one of the most customer-centric platforms and if you check the latest version updates of Magento 2.4.4 or also referred to as Adobe commerce, they have made significant improvements in their platform to make your business future-proof. Their latest update accommodates SaaS-based access to innovative features that can help to ensure that store owners have optimum personalization and customization capabilities.

It is built on the latest technologies such as PHP 8.1 and made efforts towards headless commerce to make the platform compliant with all the major trends of the future and thus, ensuring that their merchants do not have to frequently update and upgrade their platforms. This itself reduces the TCO and it also makes the platforms more reliable for non-technical users.

Also, for store owners who have limited resources and funds, the platform has automated and streamlined their functions and helped customers by taking a step forward towards digital commerce which means the least possible human intervention while making online purchases. The platform has also understood the pulse of the market and thus has made personalized content available in their PWA studio.

Making Magento relevant for your online print business:

While all these are generic updates that concern all the industries and business verticals, the printing industry which is a service-driven industry will need much more than that. Magento provides a strong foundation for an online print store with its capabilities but, to thrive in the competitive market, printshop owners will still have to optimize the platform to make the most out of it.

With the increasing adaptation of online channels by the printing industry, mere presence on the web will not give a boost to sales and conversions. To ensure that your printshop or your printing brand gets the most out of its target market, the owners will have to optimize the platform in a way that plays to their strengths and provides delightful experiences to their end customers.

Even if we look at the current trends of the online printing business; printshops are optimizing their platforms to introduce personalization and automation. Apart from that, print businesses are also making efforts to enhance their customer experiences and create a distinct brand identity with brand-centric UX.

If you are an online print business trying to optimize your platform and introduce these capabilities to your platform, the blog consists there are 5 five key ways in which you can improve your Magento Print store for more printing sales and success. Without further ado, let’s dive into these optimization ways that can be integrated with the help of a Magento development partner that has print domain expertise.

5 ways to optimize Magento web to print store to increase sales and brand success:

Streamline homepage navigation:

Your homepage is the most visited page or rather the landing page for most of your customers. To ensure that you can engage, retain and prompt your customers to navigate further you must streamline your homepage. Here are a few things that must be present on your home page that can increase your sales and streamline your navigation:

  • Create an engaging section for your most sought products
  • Increase the visibility of integral USPs that are brand-centric
  • Integrate CTAs at places that are most visited by your customers
  • Prompt users with discounts and promotions with banners displays or as pop-ups
  • Give access to all the integral processes and products right from the homepage

Boost printing orders by improving the UX of the website:

With the increasing competition and customer expectations, every aspect of the platform matters when it comes to converting your lead of visitors into a customer. To ensure that your conversion rate is optimized, you have to create a delightful user experience on your platform. The best ways to create a delightful experience for your print customers irrespective of whether your business is B2B or B2C can be:

  • Create personalized user feeds and suggestions for your users
  • Make optimum use of Magento AI that provides product recommendations and custom tailors the buying experience for each customer with speed product discovery
  • The AI can also be used to increase order value with personalized up-sell and cross-selling suggestions
  • Create engaging graphics and UI elements that are also brand-centric to create a distinct brand image
  • Optimize your product images and banners for optimum speed
  • Invest in Magento PWA to provide push notifications, app-like experience and deliver offline access to the customers

Personalize your website content:

Did you know 80% of customers are more likely to buy from brands that provide custom-tailored experiences? Also, 70% of customers said that they are willing to be brand loyal if the brand understands its customers. Personalization is the need of the hour and there are 3 types of customizations that print shop owners can target.

  • Product personalization capabilities- introducing web to print plug-in to deliver personalized products, print services and merchandising
  • Platform personalization by creating processes, functions and products around your target market
  • Personalized product suggestions, experiences and optimized checkout processes for repeat customers

Improve your Magento checkout process:

One of the biggest problems that e-commerce platforms face is shopping cart abandonment and high bounce rates. One of the major reasons why customers abandon a purchase is because they find the checkout process to be lengthy and tiresome. To ensure that your customers do not bounce to your competition, you must optimize your checkout process. A few of the ways to optimize your checkout process are:

  • Provide auto-fill options for the repeat customers
  • You can also introduce single-click checkout for the repeat customers
  • Try and think of the ideal way of checkout i.e. a 3-way checkout or a single-page checkout for your platform
  • Optimize the required fields and create a minimal manual information feed process for your customers

Enhance search engine optimization for your Magento store:

What good are your personalized platform, experiences and enhanced capabilities if your customers cannot find you online? To ensure that your platform has optimum visibility and reach toward your target market, you must optimize your Magento store for search engines and other digital channels. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Create an SEO and digital marketing team for constant and consistent efforts
  • Dedicate a significant and balanced budget for paid and organic search engine and social media marketing
  • Try and create omnichannel marketing and presence over all essential platforms for optimum reach
  • Establish a strong presence on the social media platforms
  • Prompt users to leave reviews and positive feedback on external sites such as Google, Yelp and others

Plugin Web to Print:

Magento web-to-print plugin is one of the best ways to introduce product personalization, process automation and data centralization to your online print store. While the basic functionality of a Magento 2 product designers extension would be to provide design automation capabilities for an online print store, the plugin can also provide optimized order and customer management modules with experience enhancement capabilities such as:

  • Seamless transition with similar UI for your web-to-print solution and website
  • Checkout optimization capabilities of the Magento web to print solutions
  • Real-time quotations to provide customers the ability to make informed decisions
  • The ready-to-print output file that makes checkout and ordering easy
  • Single-click reorder options for repeat customers
  • Bulk uploads for B2B print orders for various marketing collaterals such as business cards

Optimize your Magento print sales with just a single step:

With options such as Magneto plug-and-play capabilities, years of refined processes and functions, access to product customization capabilities, product configurator features, the above-mentioned capabilities and others, DesignNBuy is one of the best web-to-print solutions providers for Magento print stores.

The organization has many years of experience in end-to-end Magento development, web-to-print implementation and managed support services for their customers. They have satisfied customers across the globe and the business has a proven track record as one of the best web-to-print solution providers in the print industry. To ensure that your Magento print store has all the above-mentioned optimizations integrated and more, book a demonstration with a DesignNbuy expert today!

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