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Ever thought about converting your Facebook into a shoppable Facebook? Today I will guide you with what the Facebook Shop for Magento 2 is and how you can increase your sales through Facebook Shop.

Facebook has always been about connecting. Formerly it was only about interconnecting with our family and friends but now it also offers connecting with products, brands, and businesses. Yes, that’s correct. As per a report by Facebook, Facebook users account for 2.7 billion in a month. Of them, over 1.6 billion have been following a small business.

If you are looking for ways to bring forth your online presence in a splendid way, one thing you can do and will surely bring positive results is Facebook Shop. Yes, that’s right! Through Facebook Shop, you can make customers purchase a product with just a few clicks within Facebook itself and without any hassle. Doesn’t matter if you have or don’t have a full-fledged E-commerce website. Within Facebook itself, you can turn your followers into customers. Also, check out this blog article How to Configure Facebook API (A CLEAR STEP BY STEP GUIDE)

Let’s get straight in!

What is a Facebook Shop?

Facebook Shop creates a mobile shopping experience for the users where the sellers can freely create an online shop on their Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Shop lets customers purchase within single clicks through Facebook and Instagram. You can pick from the list of products to put on these social media platforms for buying. Then you can also modify the appearance of the product cover image and color to demonstrate the product. You can connect to consumers via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or Instagram directly.

Facebook Shop is great for small-scale businesses as they can lead their products online attracting a huge number of customers free of charge. They can easily transform their followers into customers through Facebook Shop.

Why open a Facebook Shop?

Facebook can create an appealing shop experience for the customers even when you have a small business. Here are the ways small firms can gain by initiating their personal shop.

You can launch Facebook Shop even without an E-commerce platform

With the integration of Facebook Shop, it is possible to show your products, tag them, talk to your customers and solve their queries, add a payment option, everything on the whole. If you do have an E-commerce website, then you can definitely sync your shop with Facebook and all the updates from your online store shall be contemplated with your Facebook Shop.

Reduce Discord for customers

The main cause why customers get rid of online shopping carts is their complexity in the checkout process. Using Facebook Shop, this complication is resolved. Let me tell you. After making a payment in Facebook Shop once through checkout, the payment details will be automatically completed for other sellers using checkout. The purchaser can easily drift between apps. That is if they see a product and put it into the cart, and then complete the purchase through Facebook, then it is possible.

Customers can discover you easily via prevalent features on Facebook App

In many ways, your products can become a spotlight to the customers. 

For instance, display your products for selling in the Facebook live video or Instagram Story. 

facebook shop live mode

Image Source: Facebook

Ad posts and organic posts can include a tag that can head the customer to the product page directly.

facebook shop product tag (1)-min

Image Source: Cypress Bridge Candle Co

People can easily find your products through the shopping search tabs of Facebook and Instagram.

facebook shop search tab

Image Source: Facebook

The Facebook search tabs work like the Facebook shopping center and according to its algorithm, the products will be featured and as per the priority of the customers.

Key features of Facebook Shop for Magento 2

  • Real-time shopping experience
  • Simple to set up a Facebook Shop.
  • Merge all the products inevitably
  • Product demonstration along with the picture.
  • Upsell your store with a face shop for Magento 2.
  • Tag products with name and price to make customers identify accurately.

facebook shop check on website button

Image Source: Facebook Shop

On clicking the Check on the Website option, the user will be redirected to the website of that particular website’s product page and can make a purchase straight away.

Bottom Line:

The Facebook shop can unquestionably double up your Magento 2 Sales. Integrate the Magento 2 Facebook Shop and with minimal effort, you can make your Facebook, shoppable Facebook. 

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