E-commerce has seen drastic growth in recent years where businesses are growing at lightning speed. Meanwhile, social media become a major source for people to stay up to date with new shopping trends and brands. But from ordering products to receiving a shipment, your customer has thousands of questions in their mind. And if they don’t find the answers they will simply try to get in touch with you to get answers. Still, If they don’t find the answer instantly, they will simply leave your store by facing the worst shopping experience and never turned back.

We can understand that as a store owner you have lots of other stuff to do and even hiring support team is beat expensive for you. At that time you need such an automated system that will answer all your customer queries on behalf of you in real time and chatbot is the ultimate solution for all your needs. Nowadays almost every company is trying to scale chatbots according to their business needs to make ease for their customers by saving time, efforts and money.

Back in the year 2016, Facebook launched its own messenger platform for developing chatbot. Having over 1 billion active users, it became relevant for E-marketers to use Facebook chatbot. Facebook released its API for developers to build chatbots to their site to interact with users. Facebook has several features which have been enhanced with the help of AI. Artificial Intelligence has brought a massive change in the digital world. It has a huge demand in today’s time. AI is one of the new trends in this tech-world, that has left a significant impact on e-commerce too. Using AI in chatbots has numerous benefits. So, let’s have a look at some of those.

More personalized follow-up messages:

The old traditional pattern of sending a follow-up e-mail will become almost extinct in the coming near future. The probability of a follow-up email being opened is only around 10% while messaging apps like Facebook has nearly a 60% rate. A chatbot can send automated personalized messages regarding the product being discussed earlier in the chatbot which will leave a lasting effect on customers and can certainly decrease the abandoned rate.

Helps you to know more personal preferences:

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, over some time, the Facebook chatbots will use past interactions and using that interaction it can suggest products related to it with the personal touch content and messages.

Can provide support during the purchase process:

Almost every customer needs support during the purchase process because we have a lot of questions in our mind at that time. Over 77% people leave the site if they do not find live chat feature. Facebook chatbot meets this demand of being always on and available. It can also use the previous conversation to respond to the customers more efficiently.

Effective service and support:

Customers always expect the best support from the company from which they have made a purchase. 9 out of 10 customers still hope 24*7 support from the company to solve their issues or queries quickly or at least get a quick response regarding it. It can happen only with the help of chatbots. Even small- or large-scale companies can afford it and use it effectively, which can impress their current customers, and that can also increase loyalty towards the company.

Chatbots can easily replace human agents:

Chatbots use Artificial Intelligence to conduct their work. Chatbots can handle simple tasks with the help of AI effectively. Moreover, unlike humans, It can’t get bored of doing the same job on a routine basis.

By looking at the above benefits, you will clearly understand how Facebook chatbots have become revolutionary and can undoubtedly replace human agents for basic tasks. It is getting better and better with time. The future is near where the chatbots will replace the whole buying process. That will become too easy for customers to buy any product and to remain focused on the only desired product which he/she has asked the chatbot.

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