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In today’s blog, I will provide the steps for displaying the minimum order amount message on minicart in Magento 2.

As an e-commerce store owner, ensuring your customers are aware of the minimum order amount is crucial for a smooth shopping experience. Magento 2 allows you to set a minimum order amount to encourage customers to add more products and increase their average order value.

By default, however, this minimum requirement isn’t displayed on the minicart, leaving customers confused if their order doesn’t process. By displaying this information directly on the minicart, you can help customers quickly understand the requirements before proceeding to checkout.

Let’s go through the steps to display a minimum order amount message on the minicart in Magento 2.

Steps to Display Minimum Order Amount Message on Minicart in Magento 2:

Step 1: Create “di.xml” file inside the Extension etc folder.


Now add the below code

Step 2: Now, create “Cart.php” file inside the Extension Plugin folder.


Then include the code given below

Step 3: To override content.html file we need to create requirejs-config.js file inside Extension View folder.


And add the code as follows

Step 4: Copy vendor\magento\module-checkout\view\frontend\web\template\minicart\content.html file and paste it at app\code\Vendor\Extension\view\frontend\web\template\minicart\

Now, add the below code in the content.html file wherever you want to display the minimum order amount message.

Step 5: Make sure you’ve enabled the below configuration and set the minimum order amount as per your requirement. Please review the below screenshot for your reference.

Stores > Configuration > Sales > Sales > Minimum Order Amount 

Minimum order amount configuration


Minimum order amount on minicart


By following these steps, you can display a minimum order amount message on the minicart in Magento 2. This customization enhances the user experience by clearly communicating order requirements, helping to prevent confusion and frustration during the checkout process.

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